Okay, so I probably should have done this a long time ago but times fly and Iím not that good at introductions either

My name is Sanne, Iím from the southern part of Denmark and Iím a university student (the translator calls it undergraduates?!). A friend got me paper scrapbooking some years ago and I loved seeing her pages and how she did things though I never actually got much done myself. All those pretty papers, how was I to cut them? And what if I did something wrong and wanted to undo it but couldnít because I only had that one paper? Plus, being a student and all scrapbooking papers are quite expensive!

How I got into digital scrapbooking, I canít remember, but in the beginning I did not get much done that way either Ė even though I was/is able to undo, redo and recolor as much as my heart desires (and itís not as expensive either).

One day I came across the progressive scrap challenge here at gingerscraps and thought: I can do that! So I did, and I did the challenge the following month and Iíve been around since then I just love digiscrap and all the challenges here Ė itís so much fun!

Iím talking to much, so Iíll stop Tell me about all of you guys Ė itís hard keeping track sometimes