Hi! I've just recently gotten into scrapbooking and the other day I spent all day trying to find other scrappers & communities and couldn't find anything! I'm so excited to have found this place!

My name is Ameya (uh may uh) and I'm a 22 SAHM (with a 7 month old!) and I'm moving to China next month (my husband is an English teacher) and starting online school to finish my bachelor's in September. I've just started scrapbooking in the past two weeks and i'm a woman obsessed (you know, when I have time)! It's such a great creative outlet that lets me sorta turn my brain off and de-stress! Really looking forward to being here!

PS all of your icons are so cute! I want to make a cute one, but it seems like all the kits I have so far said they weren't allowed for use in forums or anything. Do any of you know offhand any free kits/makers that I could use for snazzing up my icon? TIA!