Help! I had thousands of digital scrapbooking stuff on an external hard drive and it broke! I tried everything to retrieve my information and now I just have to come to grips with the fact that I will not be getting any of it back. I had hundreds of kits that I had collected over the last couple of years and they are all gone...I know I am ranting but I just can't believe that they are gone. Although I know that I will never get all of those kits back I am hoping to get a few of the kits back that I just can't get out of my mind...I really hope I have the right forum...I believe that the kits were from the last years "So I think I can design." There was a really cute bowling kit....a baby eating kit...I think it was called "eat your peas." There was also a family movie night kit with 2 different colored couches and some popcorn. The last round had cute kits that people paired up on to make and they didn't give them away for free you had to purchase them. They were all so adorable....does any of this sound familiar to anyone....was it this forum where those kits were entered? I know those freebies expired so long ago but I was wondering if there was anyway to get any of them back...I would appreciate it so much. I kept praying that my external hard drive would just work long enough to get my stuff off of it but it hasn't worked yet...maybe one day it will...but in the meantime I had a feeling to come to this forum and write my story...thanks for listening to my rambling...that was literally hundreds of hours spent collecting all those adorable kits....I guess I learned the hard way that everything should be in two different places...I just never realized an external hard drive could just stop working... thanks for listening to me....and any information on where I might be able to get those kits back would be appreciated Diantha