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    Default Blending~ Tutorial

    Lets get this lesson going! First thing I want you to do is look at this monthly photo editing technique Blend it like you Mean it! this will show you some ways to blend a photo. I'd like to add a bit more here and show you a layout blend. You've seen them, photos blended into the background paper like this:

    blending mode- linear burn

    This is a fun effect and easy to do.
    If you've already read through my "Blend it like you mean it" tutorial you'll know that there are different blend modes that give you different effects. The best blend mode to use will entirely depend on your picture and the paper you are blending it to.

    For a layout blend I set up my basic layout. I want to know where all my pictures will be.

    Now I'm ready to blend my big photo into the background. I really have no idea what will look best so I click through all the blending modes.

    I liked the look of linear burn, but I really want it as a background image on this layout and it's much too strong for that here so I reduced the opacity to 36%.

    Now we've got a nice blended background image. The background stuff at the top is kind of distracting though. I want it out. I could extract Jaden from the picture and then blend it, but you can see because of the white snow in the background, most just blends right into the paper, it's just the stuff that's at the top causing problems. Why work harder than I have to? So instead I take the mask out (or erase) the items I don't want. I use a hard brush especially around the edges of Jadens hood. Zoomed in nice and close.

    You can see over in my layers pallet my mask I used. The black is where I erased. If you havn't heard me mention it before, I use a layer mask instead of just the eraser because I can use white and paint back anything I've erased. Just a safeguard for indecisive people like myself, but the eraser tool works just fine too.

    That's really all there is to it! Easy huh? Here's my finished layout.

    Here's some more layouts I've done in the past. I'll give you the blend mode I used to maybe help give you an idea where to start depending on what look you want.

    blending mode - Overlay 46% opacity

    blending mode- Overlay duplicated layer

    Blending mode - Hard Light 55% opacity

    Blending Mode - Multiply

    Blend Mode - Overlay 50% Opacity

    Lots of possibilities as you can see. Play with those blending modes!

    Can't wait to see your layouts! Have fun!
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