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    Default LO Placement and Finishing Touches~ Tutorial

    Layout placement and finishing touches! These are simple things that will make your LO stand out among the rest.

    Let's get started with Layout placement. There and many different way you can place the items on you LO! The possibilities are endless. You can go with a minimalistic approach like in a white space LO. Or you can add many pictures and elements. The most important thing to remember is your photos are the most important part of the page! They are telling the story! Make sure you do your everyday edits. And crop out anything distracting in the photo.

    I'm working on a LO right now with some pictures of Mothers Day. I have 7 pictures I want to put on the LO. Follow along with me...

    (I am using PSE7)

    I've done my everyday edits on my pics and ready to place them on my background paper.

    So, here they are, on the page, but I need to get them all how I want them.

    OK, that looks good so far, now I want to add some journaling about this special day. I open the cute To Do paper and start to add my text. A little tip about this. You can see that I don't just type and press enter after each line. Each line is a separate layer. That way I can move them to exactly where I want them.

    OK, so let's get this journaling on the LO! And start to jazz it up. You can see my back ground paper changed, as I put the pink paper on to matte my pictures, I decided I like it better as my BG paper. The striped seemed too busy with all these pic and elements. So, I matted the bottom pics with the striped paper instead.

    Now, I'm going to put some paper behind my pictures. This frames the pics and makes them stand out a bit. You could do this with frames, paper, whatever. I used some papers.

    So, that looks cute so far...I could stop there...but, I am going to add a title and some elements!

    OK, got my title. Now I could call this done and its totally cute....but...let's add some finishing touches. And of course I am adding my ever important shadows as I go along! Not too big though, we want it to look realistic!

    Lets add some sequins and these cute little stick figures.

    Looks good...but still not done...

    I'm going to add some staples, this kit has a cute pink glittery one! I like to add elements to my pages that "hold" the pictures and alphas down. It's just another way to get that "realistic" look. So, let's start with my title.
    Now here's another tip, if you are going to use an element like a staple a bunch of times, you don't have to drag it on to the LO each time.

    In your layers pallet, just right click on the layer of the element you want to use a bunch. Right click and hit Duplicate Layer. The duplicate of the element will be right on top of the other one then just drag it where you want it!

    Also, when you add something like a staple or a brad make sure you resize it. I almost always make them smaller. You want to picture it like it is a "real" scrapbook page and if you actually stapled something to the page, what size would the staple (or brad) be.

    So, here is my Title with all the staples, and I added the date.

    Don't mind the weird thing on my face...its a facial mask! lol! My sweet kids were pampering me! you can see I added some purple flowers...(black arrows)

    But decided it's a little too much, so I took them off. That the beauty of digi scrapbooking, there is no glue and you can take things off and put them on as much as you want! Also, see the white arrows, notice how I "grounded" the stickers how I placed them, It looks better then having them just "floating" on your page.

    You can also see that I added some green and yellow sequins to the bottom left, (black arrow) I felt it balanced the ones on the top right. I did leave one flower (white arrow)
    Also, you can see I added a blue paper behind my main pink paper framing my LO. (pink arrows) But in this next shot you can see its a black paper now.

    If you see the circle, I just kept going back and forth, blue or black by clicking on the eye on the blue paper layer. I decided on the black!

    So, that is my LO!

    Here it is....Oh I use the GingerScraps Collab Modern Mommy for this LO and Alpha from Gingers Like Totally Awesome!

    Here are some examples of All Over great LOs where the pictures tell the story!


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