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    Default Post it Note Holder

    Ok..for all you girls who wanted to do some hybrid projects with me, here is your first project!! It's easy and fun and makes a great we go!

    We are going to make a post-it-note-holder! Like like this one...

    Pretty cute huh! I think they would make great little gifts!

    So the first step is to go open your photo editing program, I use PSE6. Choose a kit, I used our Spring collab kit. Pick out the papers and any elements you want to use.
    Measure your Post-it-note-pad, mine is 3x3 inches so I opened a new file in PS that was 4X4 inches, just a little bigger that the post-it's. Drag your paper onto the new file and resize it. You will also need a little piece for the clip. The best way to print it out is to open a new file that is 8.5x11 and drag your completed little square into that file...
    Here is mine printed out...

    I printed enough little squares to make 3..why waste paper! See the little pieces for the clip. I print these on Matte photo paper. It's my choice for all my hybrid projects.
    Next you need to cut them out, easy! Then lay your cut out square on a piece of chipboard, or if you done have any chipboard you can use thin cardboard, or even a recycled cereal box would do. Trace around your square and cut it out. Glue them together! I use the pioneer extra strong glue stick, Like this...use plenty of glue...get the edges real good...

    See, not hard so far! You following me?
    Ok, now comes the fun part, of course these steps are optional but they will make your project POP!
    I like to sand and ink my edges, the sanding makes the edges smooth and even and holds the glue down better. It also gives it a nice look.
    And the inking really makes it look professional and give nice texture.
    Here is my ink and sanding block, the ink is called "Distress Ink" the one I use is by Jim Holtz, it is a dye ink not a pigment ink, pigment ink takes too long to dry for distressing. Any dye ink will work. They are about $3.00-$5.00. The sanding block is by Making Memories from the scrapbook dept of the craft store, but you could use some sandpaper your hubby has laying around the garage.
    Here are mine...

    Here is a close up of the inked edges, after you sand, just take a Q-Tip and rub it in the ink then all around the edges of your project!
    Here is a close up...

    See, still not hard !
    Do the same steps to your little piece and glue it to the front of the clip.
    Put your post it pad on your square and hold it together with the clip!
    Of course, I like to add even more out comes the ribbon. Just tie it on the clip! Easy! Now I am not rich...LOL and all my ribbon came from the dollar store I threw a little piece of pink wire on there too!
    Here is a close up!

    So, what do you think!? Cute and easy! Cheap too. You can hang it on the wall right were you need it!
    Here is a list of the supplies I used
    PSE6, Printer, Matte Photo paper, Digi Kit/papers, chipboard, gluestick, binder clip, post-it-notes, ink, sanding block, ribbons.

    So, lets see some hybrid girls! I am so excited to see what you all come up with!

    Please post ANY questions you have!! ANY!

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    Default Re: Post it Note Holder

    I guess I better get on this, huh? Which means I'll have to go buy some Post-its and clips! Where on earth did you get those cute clips??? All I know of is the ugly black ones! I need some of these cute ones!

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    Default Re: Post it Note Holder

    I got them at Staples

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    Default Re: Post it Note Holder

    Thanks Julie for your tutorials & freebies... I'll be back at a later date with what I achieved Thanks for the inspiration

    I now CT 4 Happy Scrap Arts and Scrappiness Designs (On Hold)
    I'm a designer ~ Jemima's Digital Boutique and see my NEW blog for details @

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