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    If you're a seasoned digi scrapper you probably know how to change the color of elements and paper and anything like that right? What about on a photo? Here I'm going to show you a few ways to change it up.

    Lets go back to my cloning picture.

    I did a layout with this picture and when I was through I decided it would look a lot better had I been wearing a red shirt, so why not change me shirt red?

    Before you do anything crazy duplicate your layer.

    Now again theres many ways to do this, but this is how I like to start. Also again you may not have all these tools in elements, sorry.

    Go to Select - Color Range

    Use your dropper to select what you want to change color. This will select everything of that color in your picture, but don't worry we can fix that later just make sure you have your picture layer duplicated.

    take the fuzziness slider and adjust it so that the area you want is white while hopefully most of what's around it is black.

    hit okay and the white areas are now selected

    You may find there are bits not selected. Zoom in and while holding down Shift use your magic wand to select the pieces that were missed.

    Note - You can do the whole selection with the magic wand & can do it this way if you don't have the select color range command, but I find it much faster to use that if you've got it.

    You'll want to make sure your settings on the magic wand are similar to mine, though the tolerance may be changed as needed. but most importantly again I say hold down shift while using the magic wand or you will lose your previous selection.

    Once you have the whole area you wish to change colors selected go to edit copy and edit past. Ctrl C Ctrl V. This is also a safeguard and can make it easier for us to use. It should paste exactly over so you shouldn't have to realign anything.

    Note - in the case of my shirt you could also select it by using the pen tool the same as I would to extract it, since that's essentially what I did.

    Here's my shirt on it's own layer. I just made the background layers invisible so you could see.

    Now you'd recolor it the same way you would an element. You can use colorize, or replace color, but I'm going to go to Image-Adjustments-Hue/Saturation or Ctrl U

    I'm matching mine to Jaden's red shirt. Play with the sliders to get the color you want. If something is black or white that you want to color, check the colorize box.

    Now I'll erase any color that isn't where it should be. I made Jadens blue ball have a red tint I don't want that. Luckily my red is now on a new layer so I simply erase it from that spot. And anywhere else the red isn't suppose to be.

    if you look close you can see I have a blue shadow on my face and arms from the light reflecting off the shirt. I can fix this the same way I did the shirt, but it would be a little tricky. Instead I think I'll just color over it on a new layer.

    I take a soft brush pull some color from the shirt then color just under the shadow area.

    Then I go back and erase leaving a new shadow. It was still too strong so I reduced to opacity.

    This step isn't mandatory, but it helps it look more real.

    I want to show you one more thing. That is the grass. I hate it when the grass isn't green!

    Make sure your on the background layer and again go to Select - Color Range This time use the dropper to select the brown in the grass. This will probably end up selecting a lot of the picture but again we can take care of that later.

    Copy and paste this selection into a new layer. Ctrl c Ctrl v.

    Again you can play with hue/saturation. In this case you may want to colorize. Play with it and see how it looks. Grass can be tricky.

    Great! Now our grass is green! It turns out different every time I do it. Okay now our faces are green! Ahhh we're aliens! No prob take the eraser and erase away anything that shouldn't be green.

    And here it is! Red shirt and green grass.

    Here's the LO I did. Red shirt, Green Grass, and cloned background. I did fix the shading on my skin and the grass isn't as nice as I would like in this one but it was my first time working with that picture. Would you believe I did it for a speed scrap and still made it on time? amazing!

    I hope this tutorial was helpful! I can't wait to see what colors YOU change!
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