Figured I should actually introduce myself

My name is Tara, I'm 28 years old, I'm originally from Virginia, but now I live in Michigan with my daughter (who just turned 1) and my husband (who is 28, but most days I think he's closer to about 12 lol)

I've been digiscrapping for a little over a year now, and just started designing about 2 months ago. I'm currently competing in the Designer competition here, and I'm totally wondering how it took me so long to find this place! Ya'll are fantastic!

I'm on Creative Teams for Amy Sumrall, Susan Robinson, Polka Dot Plum, Allison Pennington, and Michelle Batton- they keep me pretty busy, but somehow I'm still making time for designing!

Aside from scrapping and designing, I'm also a HUGE geek- if I'm not scrapping, reading, or chasing down my Geeklet- I'm usually playing some kind of game. I'm also an herbalist and an avid gardener- and make most of our own soaps and shampoos and herbal remedies for our family.

Nice to meet you all