I also wrote this in Highschool but I'm amazed at it applies more now than ever.

Come to Me

Dear Father in heaven,
Dear Brother whom has done all for me,
Dear Spirit that dwells inside,
Please, is there something more I can ask of thee?
I need thy comfort and thy peace.

I havenít enough hours in my day for all tasks.
I havenít the heart to improve what I lack.
My mind is a mess,
My spirit declined,
I fear that my life is no longer mine.

I no longer have any tears left to weep.
The ache in my heart has grown far too deep.
Father, come to me now
Like youíve come before.
I donít want to bare this pain anymore.

Sweet words of comfort. ďItíll all work out.Ē ďItís okay.Ē
Strong feelings of warmth and peace.
Surely these didnít come from within me.
I was not capable of thoughts of such hope.
Yet, here they are to help me cope.

Thank you dear Father, dear Brother, and Spirit,
I knew you would come to me.