I wrote this in 2005. After a long battle with Endrometrosis I had to have a total Hysterectomy. All removed. my uterus, my ovaries, tubes, cervix, and lots of surrounding tissue. As well, as bladder and bowel repair. It was a very hard time in my life!!
The words Just Breathe got me through it. If I was unable to do anything else... All I needed to do was

Just Breathe

Curled up in a ball,
A fire within my womb.

I know there's something wrong,
Surrounded by feelings of doom.

Doctors, nurses, surgery,
Shots and pills and prayer.

I am so sorry to tell you, IT is everywhere.

Sitting in my hospital gown, all it quite and still-
The Holy Spirit surrounds me-

I completely trust His will.

Like so many times before, He whispers in my ear-
The two simple words that I need to hear.

The nurses are talking,

She's only 26. What a shame.
Someone calls my name.

It is time-
I drift to sleep-
Not sure if I will awake.

That would be OK-
Ive had all that I can take.

Cold, bright, shaking, fear,
Startled I open my eyes.

A tear rolls down my cheek-
A part of me dies.

I close my eyes and meditate on the words he has given to me.


Ginger- 2005