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    Default My Childhood Days- by Ginger

    When I think back on my childhood days
    I remember, playing with my mothers curls like they were a maze.

    I remember, making a game- gluing spice on paper
    And trying to guess the spice from only the smell.

    I remember one night all holding lanterns,
    Trying to help Dad, while he was fixing the well.

    I remember
    Mud pies, secret spies,
    Pumpkin patches, poison oak rashes,

    I remember
    Fall leaves, Christmas Eves,
    Dinner at the table, T.V with no cable.

    I remember Singing

    My mother sang everyday
    Hymns and rhymes and riddles,
    Never ending wit, like a she had a secrete stash.

    My Dad sometimes whistled,
    Sometimes tapped his foot,
    But he always sang out loud when we put on Johnny Cash.

    I remember
    Love and safety,
    Smiles and laughter,
    Kindness, and sympathy,
    Comfort and joy.

    None of this came from
    Money or power,
    Stature or class,
    Not name brands, or any toy.

    I remember swimming in the slimy pond,
    And yes, the memory is fond.

    I remember
    Tree forts, frog warts,
    Picking apples with Chester and Betty,
    Pooh Bear (my favorite teddy).

    I remember
    Wearing homemade clothes, water fights with the hose.
    Crisp clean morning air, the Nevada County Fair.

    I remember stories,

    My mother could always provide
    My imagination a roller-coaster ride.
    She cuddled us up and read us books,
    They came alive with voices and looks.

    You might say my Dad was a man of few words,
    His stories were short and sweet.
    But if you asked any of us, wed say they were a treat.

    I remember
    Camping, fishing, hunting with my Dad,
    Tracking animals carefully,
    A clear perfect shot-
    He had planed meticulously,
    We'd crouch, be still, He'd take aim,
    He'd STOP, and stand and start to explain,
    The reasons were never quite the same.
    Eventually I figured out
    What this was all really about.

    His secret was safe with me,
    This was his plan you see.
    My dear sweet Dad
    Never planned to take that perfect shot he had.

    I remember
    Tea parties with my mother
    She could throw one like no other.
    We'd put on white gloves and hats,
    Lay down table clothes and place mats.

    "Mommy, can we use the fancy china?"

    "Yes, of course my lady."

    She would say in her proper voice,
    As if there were no other choice.

    She'd bring out the tray-
    Cheerios and marshmallows,
    Little bits of fruit, all looking so cute!
    You know its all in the display.
    We'd drink cups of Red Rose tea
    Not a girl in the world was as lucky as me!

    No we didn't go on exotic vacations to far off destinations.
    We didn't know a movie star,
    We didn't drive a brand new car.
    We didn't shop at the mall,
    Our house wasn't very big at all.

    But when I think back about my childhood days,
    I hope my vivid memory stays.

    I remember our family,
    Dad, Mom, Julie, Willie, Wade.
    What great memories we all made.

    The greatest blessings Ive ever known,
    And now my Lord has blessed ME with,
    Wonderful children of my own.

    By Ginger
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