I just had a few general questions about blog use etc. I had more but I forgot them over the weekend. lol

If a freebie or purchased kit says for personal use does that include forums or blogs? Like can you make a background and banner with them? Do you still give credit like in a blinkie or something if its allowed?

Do you have to ask permission to show like for example Gingerscraps kits your purchased and used to make a LO and then link back to the site? I know you have to give credit and such I just wanted to know the general rules of how to do that. I want to create a blog with my craft projects and some other interests and I want to make sure I do it properly.

How soon did you start to make your own elements and such once you discovered digital scrapping? Can you use PSE7 to make graphics?

I think that is it for now. I know I will have more as I learn to use my PSE7.