Can I get in on this hybrid action?
So I got this idea from the place Julie suggested (ask me later and I can add the link) I thought it would be a great thing to give my parents that have everything! So here it is my mini calendar

Here's what each month looks like some may look familar, I'm not as creative as I pretend to be so I just took some stuff from previous LOs I've done.

They print out just a little bit bigger than a business card then ya put them in a business card hold and you got a great mini desk calander.

This is not scrapbook related, but while I'm shamelessly showing off I might as well add the tutu I made for my niece. Sported by Jaden's bear.

It was pretty easy and I think it looks pretty cute. I hope she'll wear it though cause I tried it on Jaden and he had a fit! but then it is for girls afterall, so perhaps that not such a such a bad thing.