This is the world's most basic hybrid ever, but I had to do it a few dozen times so I didn't want to be that ambitious! lol My daughter is turning 1 in September I have mixed feelings about that! But anyway, I made invitations for her party!

I kept the design rectangular (well, square) so I could use the paper cutter, since there were so many to do. I just printed on cardstock, mounted the front on raised mounting squares, and tape runnered the inside to the inside. Then I tucked a little flower under the front square. That's it! The cards came pre-glittered. It took no time at all, but I think it's pretty cute! I also printed the address labels so I threw on the little ladybug from the design, and a butterfly on the return address. (I didn't get a pic of that, as it's so small.)

Maybe next time I'll do something a bit more interesting….