Hi! I'm Julie! I'm Ginger's sister and partner in crime! LOL! Ginger introduced me to digi scrapping and got me hooked! I absolutely love it too. We used to paper scrap together and now we digi scrap!
ME...well, I am a 35 YO Mom to 4, yes...I said 4 Kids. Kayla 15 1/2 and ready to drive! Christopher 12, my football stud, Tyler 3 1/2 going on 25 and Travis 1 YO and into EVERYTHING!! I love scrapping them as they grow and change!

My hubby and I were HS sweethearts just like my sis and her hubby. We have been married 17 years, and I haven't killed him yet! LOL!! He is lucky he keeps me laughing! JK!

I am so excited for my sister! I hope GingerScraps fulfills all her dreams! You might see some of my designs on here one of these days! If I can find more hours in the day to create!!