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    Exclamation Gallery Guidlines- From the boss :)

    Here are the gallery rules- please let us know if you have any questions

    • Recommended size is 600 by 600 pixels and under 250kb **UPDATED 9-2016, we increased our max size to 450kb**
    • GingerScraps products AND Non- GingerScraps allowed
    • NO links to Non-GingerScraps products please
    • NO advertising products by just showing preview of product- you can "advertise" by posting a LO and leaving the designer and kit name in the credits.
    • NO posting names or links to any shop, it is perfectly ok to credit the designer and name the product, but please do not advertise shops.
    • No photos containing obscene, nude, violence, or illegal activity.
    • No crude or inappropriate language.
    • Remember to list all credits with your LO.

    When I get common questions- I will edit this top post with the answer-

    Yesterday, I received the message: "You have exceeded your upload limit of 8 images per day." after uploading 3 layouts. The message is still there today and I've not uploaded any photos. Help? Thanks!

    I'm sorry for your troubles. Let me explain a bit about how the gallery works.
    The reason you are getting this error is because the gallery counts every category you assign your LO as 1 upload. So if you have 2 LO's and you assigned them each to 3 categories, and then 1 more LO that you assigned 2 categories, this would be your daily limit of 8 LO's.
    Unfortunately I can not change this without causing a lot of other issues. If I lift the daily limit we get a lot of people dumping LO's in the gallery.
    People that do not even participate at GS, they just basically want to come upload all their LO's either for CT requirements (for a non- GS designers), or as a kind of storage place for their LO's. This ends up using a lot of space, and cluttering up the gallery. With a daily limit, it keeps that kind of behavior to a minimum.
    Hopefully since you know about the category (counting as an upload) you can tailor your uploads to work however you need them to.
    I hope this makes sense. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

    FYI... a note from our Lead Sugar Cookie, Lydia (scrappinbella),

    "The Cookie Praise Team is very diligent in regards to checking credits for outside links and advertising... and, I am the one who sends the PM notices if a layout needs to be edited. In the pm I tell the scrapper the link or site name that needs to be edited (which are considered "outside advertising"). As a courtesy, credits are not altered without notifying the scrapper. Anyone can contact me via pm, and if I don't know the answer I will get it for y'all."
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