Another Look Unlimited Day: 3 (Day after Labor Day)
*National Wildlife Day Link
*Newspaper Carrier Day: 4
*Be Late For Something Day: 5
Bring Your Manners To Work Day: 5
(First Friday)
*International Day of Charity: 5 Link
*Jury Rights Day: 5 Link
National Lazy Mom's Day: 5 (First Friday)
*Google Commemoration (Founded) Day: 7
*Grandma Moses Day: 7
Grandparent's Day: 7
(First Sunday after Labor Day)
*"Neither Snow nor Rain" Day: 7
*Salami Day: 7
*International Literacy Day: 8
*Pardon Day: 8
*Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses Day: 8
*Virgin Mary Day (birthday): 8
*World Physical Therapy Day: 8
National Boss/Employee Exchange Day: 8 (First Monday after Labor Day)
*Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Day: 9 Link
*Wonderful Weirdoes Day: 9