*International Lefthander's Day: 13 Link
*National Navajo Code Talkers Day: 14
*V-J Day: 14
*Best Friends Day: 15
*Chauvin Day: 15
*Check The Chip Day: 15
(Those Implanted in Pets) Link
Men's Grooming Day: 15 Link (3rd Friday)
*National Relaxation Day: 15
*Joe Miller's Joke Day: 16
*National Airborne Day: 16
International Geocaching Day: 16 (3rd Saturday)
International Homeless Animals Day: 16 (Third Saturday)
World Honey Bee Day: 16 Link (3rd Saturday)
*Black Cat Appreciation Day: 17 Link
*Meaning of "Is" Day: 17
*National Thrift Shop Day: 17
*Bad Poetry Day: 18
*Birth Control Pills Day: 18
Cupcake Day: 18
Link (Third Monday)
*Mail Order Catalog Day: 18
*Serendipity Day: 18

*Aviation Day: 19
* "Black Cow" Root Beer Float Day: 19
(8/19/1893 by Frank J. Wisner, Cripple Creek Brewing Co., CO. No website link anymore. Also Aug. 6 by A&W Root Beer).
*World Humanitarian Day: 19 Link (Different than Humanitarian Day on 1/15)