*Cheesecake Day: 30 Link
*Father-In-Law Day: 30
*Friendship Day: 30
*Health Care Now! Medicare's Birthday: 30 Link
*International Day of Friendship: 30 Link
*National Support Public Education Day: 30 Link
*Paperback Book Day: 30
Bratwurst Day: 31-8/2
Link (First Full August Weekend. Since it starts July, I put it here.)
National Chili Dog Day: 31 (Last Thursday)
*Uncommon Instruments Awareness Day: 31 Link
*World Ranger Day: 31 Link
Braham Pie Day: 1 (First Friday)
*Girlfriend's Day: 1
*India Pale Ale Beer Day: 1 Link
*Lughnasa - 1
*National Minority Donor Awareness Day: 1
*Respect For Parents: 1
*Rounds Resounding Day: 1
*Spider-Man Day: 1
(See also Oct. 14)
*US Air Force Day: 1 Link
Tomboy Tools Day: 1 Link
Twins Day: 1-3 Link (First Full Weekend)
*World Lung Cancer Day: 1
*World Wide Web Day: 1
*World Scout Scarf Day: 1
International Beer Day: 1
Link Link (First Friday)
International Hangover Day: 2 Link (Always the day after International Beer Day)
National Mustard Day: 2 (First Saturday) Link
*Take A Penny/Leave A Penny Day: 2 Link
National Doll Day: 3 (First Sunday) Link
National Kids' Day: 3 (First Sunday) Link
Sister's Day: 3 (First Sunday)
* Watermelon Day: 3 Link
*Coast Guard Day: 4
National Psychic Day: 4
(First Day of Psychic Week) Link
*National Chocolate Chip Day: 4 Link
*Single Working Women's Day: 4
*Social Security Day: 4

Assistance Dog Day: 4 Link (Monday of Assistance Dog Week)
National Night Out: 5 (First Tuesday)
*National Oyster Day: 5 Link
*National Underwear Day: 5 Link
Tisha B'Av: 5