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    Default What draws YOUR eye to a LO?

    I am always on the prowl for unique LO's to scraplift and make my own someday. Although I do use templates about 25% of the time, I like looking for other pages that catch my eye and appear to be unique. As I have go through the galleries all over digi-land, I see many different "looks" and styles that make me truly STOP and save it to use it as inspiration later on. After 9+ years of doing this, it's important for me to always be trying something new and not repeat layouts (although repeating LO's could save me a lot of time).

    So my question is, what kinds of LO's make you STOP and say WoW? I'll go first (remember these are MY personal style):
    1. The photo MUST be the first thing I see...I don't see the point of scrapbooking unless it is to show OFF my photos. So all accents and paper but ENHANCE not take away from the photos.
    2. Great use of white space. Too much clutter gives me claustrophobia and, once again, the photos can get lost.
    3. No stock images. I like real people, real stories. Scrapping portraits is great too as long as they are their own. I don't design magazines, I design memories for my kids.
    4. Journaling that really tells the story. The more sentimental the better if possible.

    Feel free to chime in and tell me what makes you stop and say WOW!

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    Default Re: What draws YOUR eye to a LO?

    I love your siggy!

    1. I LOVE white space used in a unique and clever way
    2. I love split photo templates, I think they are so cool
    3. I don't like pink and orange together, yes I know this is sort of a trend right now, but it doesn't work for me
    4. I LOVE kits that have just a few colors mixed with black and white...I know kind of boring, but it's what I like
    5. Orange and brown are my favorite colors right now, so when I see a kit with these of any/all shade(s), I must get a closer look
    6. I don't like stock photos either, but I guess I can see it if you're on a CT, because your not selling yourself, your selling the kit for the designer, and sometimes the stock photo pulls you in to get a closer look
    7. Shadows! A LO without shadows is like the morning without the sunshine. I am constantly trying to better my shadow work, and so admire people that have a knack for creating them so perfectly

    I should stop, lol. I just LOVE a beautifully created LO and when I see one that stops me in my tracks, I get really excited and can't wait to open it!
    Great thread, thanks for starting it. I'm anxious to see what others have to say

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    Default Re: What draws YOUR eye to a LO?

    1. shadows!
    2. interesting layering or element use
    3. photographs
    4. great titlework
    5. I'm a fan of cluttery layouts! I personally don't find myself drawn to white space layouts unless they are clever or really unique

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    Default Re: What draws YOUR eye to a LO?

    I love artistry on a page but I want to get some assemblance of Who What Why When or Where.
    LOVE big pics. Photos have to catch my eye.

    Not a fan of white space unless for a purpose [title page etc]

    Not a fan of all about the fru fru in a kit and any photo that is popped in will do.

    Although I can scrap all styles[depending on my mood] I like real life pages- created for a love of that moment in life -preserved.

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    Default Re: What draws YOUR eye to a LO?

    I love great cluster work and seeing clever ways of including multiple photos on the page, because I have so many events to scrap. Color will always catch my eye as well, especially if there's a lot of contrast.

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    Default Re: What draws YOUR eye to a LO?

    If you are talking about what catches my eye as I browse a gallery - it would be either colors or a gorgeous picture.

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    Default Re: What draws YOUR eye to a LO?

    Well for me is the layout that is different and stand out from the rest.

    I like white spaceeven when is nit my style and I can appreciate cluster even when are not my style either
    Im crazy about great photos and vivid colors
    Shadows are THE THING... I suck at shadows... but I love to see great shadow work

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