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    Question Quality Requirements

    I donīt know if itīs the right place to post even this question, but I hope so.

    You know, I am not a designer. Maybe still not, who knows what future brings. But I tried to do a part of a charity kit to sell, and it doesnīt really hit the requirements of quality in all points. I am sad about that, because I think I could have done it better, when I knew more about those points.

    Would you tell me the sizes and quality requirements for the future? Would love to learn and know more. Thx,

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    Default Re: Quality Requirements

    I'm not a designer however I do, and have done QC in digi land since forever...
    Papers- 12 x 12 [3600 x 3600 pixels] and a resolution of 300 [sometimes even saving at 300 will net a 299.999-which is ok]
    Elements- 299.999 resolution

    ** some things to look for-
    stray pixels
    jagged edges
    blurry at 100%
    lacking texture
    shadows over empty pixels, unless it is stated the element is shadowed
    realistic sizing [example if there is a flower and a leaf in the kit they should be sized so they are compatible. another example- if a kit has a house and and chair...the chair should not be larger than the house]
    missing pixels

    I'm happy to look at anything for you if you'd like.
    Last edited by msbrad; 03-14-2014 at 10:01 PM. Reason: edit because I am QC'ing and found missing pixels.

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    Default Re: Quality Requirements

    Last edited by msbrad; 03-14-2014 at 06:01 PM. Reason: edit because I am QC'ing and found missing pixels.

    You totally cracked me up with your comment on why you edited your post!!!

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