So here's the deal.....I've got a BIG birthday coming know the one....starts with a 5....ends with an 0....shhhhh...don't say it out loud

There aren't a lot of kits out there about this major milestone (and all the fun (and I say that with great sarcasm) that goes with it) and at one point or another we're all going to go through it, been through it or know someone who's gone and been!

So thinking caps on!

Title ideas.....palettes, witty sayings, what's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of this birthday......etc, etc.

**************Additional info*******************

I personally am NOT looking forward to this feel free toss out some not so happy go lucky stuff too!

And palettes......upload palettes!!! (I have a bunch but always looking for more inspiration)

Ready? Go........