Some of you may know that my husband had a heart attack last Saturday...he spent several days in the cardiac critical intensive care unit...He is home now and doing ok...But, the reason I am writing this is to share with all of you something you may already know but may not have experienced first hand. Just before the fire rescue arrived, I gave my hubs one aspirin...I made him CHEW it before he passed out...please remember that! not take it with liquid... CHEW IT
I watched as the paramedics worked on him and saw his inverted t-wave on his EKG..and I knew, as a nurse, what that meant(heart attack).....but, by the time they had gotten him to the ER his ekg was mostly normal..the ER doc attributes the quick administration of the aspirin for saving his life....and preventing major heart damage.
So my request to you is, no matter how young or how old you are, to please keep a bottle of aspirin in your purse or your car($1 generic works just the same as an expensive bottle) can save your life!
February is Heart month..keep your's happy

( I don't consider myself a hero for giving him the aspirin...but I wholeheartedly believe God heard all the prayers that night......and may He Bless You All)

PS....CHEW IT.....CHEW IT .....CHEW IT!!!.