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I have 2 - my son is 26 (27 in a few months!) and he is married with 2 young children of his own Then I have a 13 year-old daughter (yes, they're 13 years part!) She'll be 14 before long and is in 8th grade this year, which is going by fast. They are both very confident, independent souls, for which I am very grateful. I never really ever felt "sad" about them growing up... maybe I'm missing the sentimental gene - LOL, but they're supposed to grow up and I've thoroughly enjoyed the whole journey. My daughter just made her final decision on which high school to attend next year (she had a choice of about 10 schools). She's decided on the largest one (about 1600 total students, which is huge for this area) and she is so excited and can't wait to get there).

I have tons of photos of my daughter and not so many of my son. He was long before the digital age and it just wasn't as easy to take/print photos. I do have some but they'll all need to be scanned and edited before I can scrap them, which is something I want to tackle "some day."
Wow! 13 years! You started over Mine have a gap of 6-1/2 years and I thought that was a lot! Your daughter sounds like a very confident young lady. That's awesome!