It's FINALLY snowing here! I can't believe it. Really, I thought it would never come (which would have been just fine in my book.) Thought I'd pop in and say HELLO! I'm a mom of two beautiful girls, 4 and 6. I was a memeber of this community before but it's been a while. I've changed my handle and my life since then so I'm starting fresh. Some of you may remember me, some may not. It's all no problem. I came out of a pretty rough physical and mentally abusive relationship that no one knew about and I used Scrapbooking as a way to try to show the world that there wasn't a problem. I fell into a pretty deep depression and looked towards bad habits as my escape. My ex used this against me and took my kids. So, I left scrapbooking because it just reminded me of my babies and made me sad. Now, I've changed my life and I couldn't be happier sharing it with the world. You'll see my present and my future from here on out! I'm excited to share my life with you again and this time the happy moments are truly happy!