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    Has anyone done the Wii Dance? SOOO much fun---especially if you have someone to do it with--right Sista?!;)
    I've recently lost 15lbs and when the weather turned cold had to resort to the boring treadmill but I need to remember to DaNcE more;) My sister and I put it on shuffle mode so we were dancing to rap, country, hip hop, blues, you name it---it was so funny and fun and I was sweating for sure!!

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    I love dancing and those games are cool! I don't have the game, so I use the videos on youtube. I sweat so much and this is one strategy to lose weight. We could have a challenge some day, this way we can "dance together" and have some fun. Once I challenged myself to dance 10 songs in a row. Of course I didn't choose the faster ones because i'm an obese girl and it's not an easy task for me, but it was fun and the feeling of accomplishment was awesome!

    What about starting a game in which we post the song we danced and challenge someone to dance it. The person dances it and dance a second one and challenge a next person?

    My daughter loves dancing with me!

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