Who doesn't love a game of BINGO???? Better yet....Holiday Bingo!!!

Come join me at 10pm EST/ 9pm CST / 7pm PST (etc., etc)
(Here's a handy dandy world time zone site for you just in case!)


First.... Download your Bingo Template HERE.

Decorate your card as you wish and pick 24 words from the word bank at the bottom to fill in your Bingo card.

The square in the middle is your "FREE" square so put whatever you like there.

There is a layered Photoshop file in the folder as well as separate .png files in case the Photoshop file does not work for you.

Here's how to play (if you’ve never played Bingo before!)

  • Use the template provided in the Bingo Template link above, decorate it for the holidays!

  • (the use of GingerScraps Products (and we have A LOT of Christmas and Winter Kits to choose from!) is recommended)
  • Pick 24 Bingo words from the list below and place them in the squares.
  • Upload your decorated Bingo Card to the Speed Scrap Gallery HERE

  • We will be playing traditional Bingo
  • (and if we have time continue on with Blackout Bingo!)

  • A traditional Bingo is 5 across horizontally, vertically, diagonally or 4 corners! It’s that easy! For Blackout Bingo you fill in the whole card!

  • There will be a prize for the person who gets the first correct Bingo ... so when you have it, just call it out (or type in HUGE letters) in the chat and upload your completed card in this thread to be checked! (if we get to play Blackout Bingo there will be another winner with the first Blackout!)

  • I will call a new word every 2-3 MINUTES and do an update list every 10 words for those of you who may pop in late!

  • Please post your completed game cards in the Speed Scrap Gallery (and here) as soon as you are done

Here's what my Bingo card looks like:
(thanks to my lovely CT Melissa!)

And here is your word bank:

1. Crowds
2. Pine

3. Santa
4. North Pole
5. Sleigh
6. Family
7. Tradition
8. Celebrate
9. Decorations
10. Fun
11. Eggnog
12. Elves
13. Frosty
14. Winter
15. Hot Chocolate
16. Icicles
17. Jolly
18. Tinsel
19. Cookies
20. Green
21. Snow
22. Holiday
23. Merry
24. Mistletoe
25. New Year
26. Presents
27. Sales

28. Snowflakes
29. Cards
30. Friends
31. Children
32. Stories
33. Goodwill
34. Holly
35. Stockings
36. Traffic
37. Shopping
38. Toys
39. Photos
40. Vacation
41. Pine Tree
42. Rudolph
43. Gifts
44. Lists
45. December
46. Food

***If you don't have time to decorate your card you can still play...just add your word bank to the squares (don't forget the Free Space in the center)
and have it uploaded to the Speed Scrap Gallery by 9am Sunday morning 12/22!

Hope to see you here and in the Chat Room tonight!!!
(I can't wait to see your cards!!!)