I am at wit ends with the ladies on the pta for my girls school. The principal asked off I helped with the box tops program, so I joined. I offered to help take pictures since I knew I would be at most of the programs... and some how they listed me as the yearbook coordinator. I really don't have time for it but since the lady flaked out I figured I could do it and it will be better than what she did last year. Any who... they won't help take pictures, or help with the book but get mad if I am not at a meeting or I can't be there for something. My FIL has cancer, and we've been helping a lot with that. Today the president messages me saying I need to be at the school for eye exams on the 20 & 21. She didn't even ask! I ended up calling her and saying that I'd have to get back to her because I have family stuff going on. She got an attitude with me... She acted as if I owed her an explanation to her on why I wouldn't be there but I shouldn't have to, do I?

I am so stressed right now, that I am ready to hand over everything but I know they would half do it like everything else and trying to remind myself it's for the kids not them.