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    Default Re: Week 5 - There's No Place Like Home *Tribal Council*

    Every time I have to go to the hospital, I am asked “Safe at home?” My answer is always the same. Home is THE safest place in the world. I don’t get out often these days and when I do, I am always happy to return to our home. My safe place, which makes my home my favorite spot. But if I had to choose just one spot to be my favorite, it would have to be our couch.

    Family (dogs included) all gravitate to the couch. It is the prime location to sit, visit, snack or nap. I have never seen anyone on the couch angry. There is always laughter and love. Looking through my photos, I saw so many smiles, so much happiness, so much love all on this particular couch and I knew this would be my favorite spot within my favorite spot!

    It is a big, comfy couch. My favorite color and usually has a quilt thrown over it for protection. Oddly enough, I do not claim a “spot” on this couch. I tend to let Joe or the kids (including fur kids) settle there. When the couch fills up, I have to smile as I see Joe or the kids take a seat on the floor, in front of the couch, even though there are other pieces of furniture. Matching (empty) furniture no less! This particular couch has something magical that keeps it center of activity in our home.

    Credits (links are included in the gallery posting)
    M&M Designs - Summer Memories Vol 2 - Temp 1 (adapted to my layout)
    Collie’s Corner - All Hallow’s Eve
    Keystone Scraps - Midnight Masquerade
    Designs by Connie Prince - Crisp Autumn
    Designs by Connie Prince - Falling
    Collie’s Corner - Thankful For You
    Designs by Connie Prince - Crisp Autumn Add On Alphas
    Title: Alamendro FG
    Journaling: Bradley Hand ITC TT
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    Default Re: Week 5 - There's No Place Like Home *Tribal Council*

    I have lived in this home for 14 years. I was a new bride here, a new mom here twice. I was divorced here
    and became a single mom here. Finally, I have remarried here. Through all of that, my bedroom has remained my
    favorite place. And not just because I like to sleep! Some of my favorite times have been spent here
    snuggling in bed watching movies with my kids or reading to my kids and then reading with my kids as they got older.
    I also love it when JC, their step-dad, piles us all in the bed and tickles and wrestles with the kids.

    Their laughter fills my heart with joy!

    Credits: Kit: Homemade Happiness by Aprilisa Designs

    Created with Fresh Start by Simple Girl Scraps
    Proudly Creating for: Kathy Winters, CathyK Designs, Simple Girl Scraps, Crescent Moon Designs
    Ladybug Scraps, The Scrappy Kat, Little Rad Trio, and Susan Godfrey Designs

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    Default Re: Week 5 - There's No Place Like Home *Tribal Council*

    Had a tough time getting all my journaling to show up in the gallery had to keep editing over and over...hopefully this works ok. Tough one this week...have LOTS of favorite places! This uses Connie Prince's Tropical Escape and Seatrout's Ring Me Templates (at least I started with that template!)

    Journaling reads:

    21 years ago, I downsized to a cute little split entry home. My
    Daughter was heading off to college and my Son planned to
    follow in a year. Smaller sounded like a great idea since I
    would shortly be alone. My new home would be a perfect
    little empty nest. The following summer, my Daughter came
    home and announced she was moving back in to go to the
    local campus. My Son promptly decided that sounded like
    a great idea! (FOR WHO????) All of a sudden, small
    was really small! Over the next 5 years, they
    came and went, one time even using the same
    truck! One moving in; one moving out! GEEEZ!
    They finally both got out on their own and of
    course I missed them and the house seemed
    too big. But not long after that, I met my
    Hubby and my cute little split entry, house,
    that had become an empty nest,
    became a cozy little home. Truely,

    There’s no place like home…on a beach…in Nebraska! (title)

    I have so many favorite places
    in my home, depending on my
    mood and what I want to do.
    There’s my bed...sleeping may
    be my all time favorite thing!! I
    love my kitchen where I can cook
    and watch my birds & critters. but
    I have to say my “beach” room.
    is my special place to be me. When the
    kids moved out, I redecorate the basement family
    room into my private retreat. I’ve always loved the
    beach and there are not many of those in Nebraska,
    so I created my own! Soft blue walls with beach scenes; white
    cane furniture with tropical print cushions; decorated with light-
    houses and shells. At my beach you can find the two things that
    “define” me. First, is my computer center, where I spend hours
    processing photos, scrapbooking and connecting with friends and
    and family. The second, is my secret passion that takes me
    inside myself and brings me joy and peace--my organ. Everyday,
    when I am home alone, I sit “on my beach” and lose myself in my
    scrapbooks and music....ahhhh life is good in my cozy little home!

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    Default Re: Week 5 - There's No Place Like Home *Tribal Council*

    great story! I love that center cluster with the pictures going out from there and the colors you choose are great!

    Created with Fresh Start by Simple Girl Scraps
    Proudly Creating for: Kathy Winters, CathyK Designs, Simple Girl Scraps, Crescent Moon Designs
    Ladybug Scraps, The Scrappy Kat, Little Rad Trio, and Susan Godfrey Designs

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    Default Re: Week 5 - There's No Place Like Home *Tribal Council*

    This journey has been so much fun, thank you for letting me part of it!!

    For the past 4 weeks I have had the pleasure of sharing with everyone my journey down the yellow brick road. I have shared with everyone how my life turned from black and white to color when I married my true love, my best friend. I have shared with everyone the joys of the love my family possesses, and the sadness that comes with knowing I will never have the chance to add to our family. I have shared my love for my dog, and how my family looks forward to the day we can bring a new dog into our home. This week I would like to invite everyone into my house and share with you the one place in my home that my whole family loves. I have enjoyed sharing my life with everyone, and I thank you all for sharing your lives with me.
    The journaling reads:

    There’s no place like HOME:

    My house is precious to me. It is where everything started. I moved
    here after I married my best friend. It is where I brought both of my babies
    home after they were born. It is where I am watching my children grow, and it
    where I will continue to watch them grow. It is more than a house it is a home.
    It is a safe place for my family live, learn and grow up in.

    Within our home my family has one place that we all love. We
    love our family room couch. It is where my husband and I spent
    quiet night together before our children were born. The couch was
    my comfort when I was on bed rest with both of my children. It now
    serves as our family’s cuddle spot. It is where my husband and I
    read to our children, it is where we enjoy our family movie nights.
    The couch serves as a place where my children lay down to
    cuddle with “mommy” when they are sick. It is where our family
    feels safe and secure.

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    Default Re: Week 5 - There's No Place Like Home *Tribal Council*

    Journaling reads: In August 2012, we set out to find our new home. We had our list of “must haves”, our list of “would be nices” and our list of “no ways”. After almost 4 months of looking at houses, we finally found the house we wanted to buy. We made an offer for my birthday and closed the day after our 25th wedding anniversary. I love the yard, the bonus room and the jacuzzi tub a lot, but my favorite place in our house is on my couch in our living room. From my couch I have a great view of the TV, my wonderful coffee table which lifts to desk height with my laptop, ipad and phone. I can look out the front glass door to enjoy my front yard or the windows to enjoy my back yard. This is where we entertain guests and take a nice Sunday nap. Life, business and general fun happen while I am enjoying my couch, it is my special place!!

    credits: Happy Homebody by North Meets South Studios
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    Default Re: Week 5 - There's No Place Like Home *Tribal Council*

    Thanks everyone so much for allowing me the honor of being here in week 5! It is truly appreciated and I've had a blast creating these pages and following along with that marvelous story of the Wizard of Oz! Thanks Ginger (and crew) for all the hard work and hours you've put into this! Your efforts HAVE definitely been noticed and appreciated!

    Week 5 - Survivor Challenge Layout - My House My Home -

    I love the house we live in now! 7 years ago when we found this place we both fell in love with it and the possibilities it offered. After fixing up the basement and backyard, the house was complete! One of its best features, in my opinion, is the office or my scrapbooking room. It is on the main floor close to where everything is happening, and it has this wonderful window facing south. It is warm and bright! The perfect place to meet with my online friends, keep my brain active, relax and enjoy what is outside at the same time.

    Credit: Connie Prince - My Everything Kit
    Alpha beads: Connie Prince - School Rules Alpha Add On
    Font: Chopin Script
    Arrow shape from CS5 program.

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    Default Re: Week 5 - There's No Place Like Home *Tribal Council*


    When we moved into this house I thought
    THIS IS FINALY my Dream Home. Out of all the houses we have lived in this was the “one” We were finally going to settle into a place to call our own and all our dreams would now come true. It didn’t take me long to realize that a house is just a house. All of the pictures that I found this past week have one thing in common.. The ones I love are in them. Now as my house is more empty, I have come to realize my home is not a building or the house it is the people that are there that make my house a home. My special place or “spot” is not in one place it is anwhere that my loved ones are and without them therre is nothing but empty space and memories of laughter, tears, fights and love. That is what makes my house a home and what makes my special place or “spot” a reality. Without the people I love with me there is no special “spot”
    Just Us March Bundle, Wendy Tunison Designs
    Mask Set 1, Violamoni:
    Ring Me Template pack, Seatrout Scraps:

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    Default Re: Week 5 - There's No Place Like Home *Tribal Council*

    In November, 2004 we bought a stunning home at the edge of the Historic District in Whittier. It was by far the largest home we had ever lived in-with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, a formal dining and living room, two fireplaces and a large room downstairs that I turned in to the most glorious craft room imaginable-that was my sanctuary. It had a gorgeous yard and plenty of space for everyone. We were blessed. But I wasn't content and continued to “shop” for houses. Looking back, it wasn't really the house that I unsatisfied with. There were other issues looming. 2008 was a devastating year for us. Not only were we a casualty of the economic crash, but our marriage was on the verge of catapulting to a very destructive end. It wasn't until we had to short sale this amazing house early in 2009 that I realized how much I really had taken for granted.
    Together David & I worked hard to save and improve our marriage. Thankfully, we had held on to the house on Linda Vista and would be moving back there. I LOVED this house. It was quite a bit smaller, but it was in a very family friendly neighborhood. We still had 3 bedrooms and 1-1/2 bathrooms, but I no longer had the incredible craft room. I wasn't overly concerned because we planned on adding on to the house when things got better. We had a shed to store stuff in, which made it possible for me to use the garage as a craft room and so I still had “my space.” The kids made friends in the neighborhood and we were settling in. This was the home that I thought was our “forever home.” Where the kids would bring their families for the holidays; where I would babysit my grandkids. Unfortunately, the economy didn't pick up and at the end of 2009 we found ourselves losing this home that I treasured.

    Thankfully, God had a place for us. My friend Helen saw a post I had put on Facebook and responded that they had a house they were renting out. We couldn't believe our good fortune. This was an extraordinary house! It was a hundred year-old home that they had painstakingly renovated. It had 4 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms, a 4-car garage, a yard that was like a park, and room for a craft room! We were astounded by God's graciousness to us. We quickly settled in. The economy still hadn't bounced back and our finances continued on a downward spiral. We did everything we could to conserve including moving David's office/warehouse home. Regrettably, that wasn't enough, and we found ourselves needing to move once again.
    This move at the beginning of 2012 was a major downsizing. We found ourselves...all 5 of us in a 2-bedroom apartment. It definitely wasn't ideal, but we could brave any storm as long as we had our family together. In June 2012, Kayla decided to move out with friends. Sadly, it was a very tumultuous time filled with a lot of strife. I felt like the only thing I still had – my saving grace – my family, had been torn apart.
    Oh, but God is so good! He can redeem even when things seem to be at their bleakest. Kayla's apartment was near The Rock Church. One day in September she called and asked if I wanted to go to a service with her...Of course I did! Not long after, David and the boys started attending, too. God was really healing not only Kayla's heart, but mine, and was restoring our family. Kayla felt led to do an internship at the church and started in February 2013. She graduated at the end of July and moved back home.
    Yes, we're still in that small 2 bedroom apartment, but our family has been restored! Through all of this we have learned many lessons. We learned that where we live and what we have are not the most important things in life. Our relationships with God and our family are the true treasures. They are our “forever home.”

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    Default Re: Week 5 - There's No Place Like Home *Tribal Council*

    "Fill a house with love, and it becomes a home!"

    Our Home - Kit and WordArt Pack by Connie Prince, That's Life [Template Pack] by Pixelily Designs

    Journaling: We may not be in our dream house, but I believe a home is a lot more than just four walls that hold us all together. Its the people who fill our house that truly make it a home! These two spots in our house remind me of some of the blessings I have in my life: we have this home which we can call our own, I have four beautiful, healthy children, and I have a husband who loves me and our children unconditionally. We have made a lot of memories in this house, and our scrapbooks help document those memories, in case one day we change houses, our memories and photos can come with us!
    I am probably neglecting housework so I can be here... My Gallery

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