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Over the course of the last 5 years, I've come to understand and embrace the old adage "Home is where the heart is". When Ben and I got married, I moved from Texas, where I had lived for 16 years to New Mexico, where I knew no one save him. At first I experienced a few longings for my old life, but as I settled in and adjusted, I began to feel 'at home'. We've moved several times since we were married and I've trimmed my material possessions down to the bare necessities. I've come to realize that 'Home' is not the things we possess, but the place where we are together, the place where our hearts are. I live a humble life, not a life full of possessions, but a life full of love. Our physical home is a small apartment and my favorite place is my chair in the living room where I can curl up with a blanket and a cuppa and watch TV, read a book or scrap. The reason this is my favorite place? It's because it is the room where we spend most of our waking moments....together. But, no matter where we go, or what we take with us, we'll always have each other, so for this reason, I'll always be home and as we all know, There's No Place Like Home