I know that we all as mothers work from home hard hard hard.. My daughter is a single mom right now to 3 adorable kiddos that are 4,3 and 18 months. Babysitting costs high exceed a paycheck right now and due to being the stay at home mom while her ****** person she married**** worked outside of the home she has not had the opportunity to do schooling etc.. (she is however, going to be starting online schooling in January) anyway.. I am getting off subject.
What kinds of work is available for a stay at home mom? How many of you work from home and how did you get the training or education to be able to do that work. She is trying to come up with her options and figure out how to support herself and 3 little ones and be there for them.
I thought that this was the best way to get more options as I know that we all are AMAZING and have some great ways of supporting each other emotionally.. Not knowing where to start is overwhelming...