So I just wanted to put out a reminder.... I am taking all my groupies that are voting for me to Hawaii.. We will be wining and dining for a week long vacation with an unlimited credit card for each person there. We all have our own little beach condo positioned on a PRIME location of the best beach on the islands. We have a fully competent tour guide that is available 24 hours a day and will be taking each of us to all our private and exclusive mini exclusions. Each day we will be dining at the most EXQUISITE restaurants with an unlimited budget. We will also have plenty of time to do our favorite activities of Whale Watching, Dolphin swims and of course snorkeling, scuba diving and surfing. Each beach house is fully stocked with your favorite food, drinks and entertainment in case you wish to just seclude yourself from everyone. However, my door will always be open for any of you to come and hang out and play.
How do you get this amazing adventure? Well it is easy, you just have to vote for me...and, if you haven't already seen what you are voting for here is a link to it: