Who wants to join in a simple handmade winter card swap?

This will be a Christmas card, Hanukkah card, winter card, general holidays card--whichever you want to make and send! There is always some drama over whether to say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Festivus or so on...this will be drama-free!

Sending a handmade card is an expression of thought and care and we won't care what we receive as long as it comes from that genuinely nice, warm fuzzy place, right? ;)

As always, here are the rules...

The Rules
1. All you have to do is make a winter/holiday-related card, write something inside and mail it off. Create something that will make your partner smile when they see it! You can personalize it if you want, but this is creative free rein!

2. There is no price limit, but let's not make solid gold cards. That's just flashy. Or cards made of old tissues. That's just unsanitary.

3. You will be randomly matched, so you may get someone you've never talked to or someone you're digibffs with. Embrace the randomness!

4. Please, please, please do not commit unless you are 110% positive you can create your card and get it out on time. It's no fun to be waiting at the mailbox for a card that will never arrive! There is always someone who ends up sending out a craft but never receiving one, and that makes me sad.

5. If something comes up and you just cannot follow through, please PM me as soon as you realize there's an issue. I'm a constant card maker, so I have no issue drumming something up for your partner as long as I know. Don't leave me hangin'!

6. You must sign up by Wednesday November 20, 2013 at 11:59pm CT. Sign up by responding to this thread with the words "I'm in; sign me up!" I don't want to miss anyone, so get in with the magic words by the deadline and I'll list you below. (And tell me your first name if it's not obvious from your username, lol.) I will PM everyone for your mailing address after the sign up deadline, so be on the lookout!

7. Partners will be assigned and sent out Saturday November 23, 2013 by 11:59pm CT via PM here in the forum. I will announce that PMs are sent in this thread. Please check in for your assignment.

UPDATED!!! Cards must be completed and mailed off by Wednesday December 11, 2013. That gives you two weeks to make a card and get it in the mail, so if you get it done early, all the better and if not, you've got some time during your Thanksgiving recovery!

The Crafters
Ambelleina - Christina
mamaape - April
Sarah - Sarah
Atusia - Beata
Stephanie H - Stephanie
ScrappyCoyote - Laramie
Crescent Moon Designs - Charly
ptktj - Tricia
shellbyj - Shellby
Tamie - Tamie
simplegirlscraps - Theresa
Brandi - Brandi
angeldevildog - Kim
JaninAlberta - Jan
CrazyT - Tracy