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My 'purse camera' is a Sony Cybershot DSC-HX9V. (the current version is DSC-HX50V and runs retail about $450). I bought it in 2011 when we were going to Paris, and I didn't want to lug around my huge (and expensive!) DSLR. So I picked this one up for about $400 at the time. I went with what I felt was the best quality P&S I could find at that time. I have been thrilled with it ever since! Its the only camera I usually have with me when I travel now. Great Zoom, nice photos, the ability to go manual if I want... all in an itty bitty package!
Don't get me wrong... I wouldn't dream of giving up my DSLR! I need it for portraits and designing, but for day to day photos... and almost all vacation/trips... my little Sony rocks!
"Purse camera" is a good term! That's exactly what I need - something to take to Disneyland and assorted other trips with me. Thanks Paula!