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    Default Week 4 -Toto Saves the Day! *Challenge*

    Before we continue on our journey.... check the below thread to see is you will be moving on to week 4.
    I Survived Week 3

    After some time has passed, you see it in the distance, Emerald City! It surely looks like a magical place indeed! "He really must be a wonderful Wizard to live in a city like that," Dorothy exclaimed!
    You and your friends begin to run through a field of bright beautiful poppies. Dorothy begins to slow down, suddenly you are overcome with sleepiness, you collapse on the ground in a deep sleep.
    You awake to the cold wet drops of snow on your cheeks. You have no idea haw much time has passed, but you are quite refreshed from your little nap. In the back of your mind you remember this part of the story, you have a vision of the evil witch trying to poison Dorothy using a sleeping potion and spreading it throughout the field of poppies. Thankfully Glenda the Good Witch is always watching over you, and she sent the snow to melt away the poison sleeping spell.
    Back up and on your feet you are arm in arm with your friends and skipping towards the Emerald City.

    You arrive at Oz, and after much debate a little man finally lets you into the gate. One look at the ruby slippers on your feet, and you are ushered right inside, and taken to the "Wash & Brush Up Co." The Scarecrow is stuffed with clean new straw, the Tinman is polished and buffed to a shiny beautiful finish, the Lion is given a trim and brush, and you and Dorothy are primped and fawned over until you are all looking absolutely lovely.

    As soon as you leave the "Wash & Brush Up Co." the people of Emerald City look up towards the sky and begin to panic! In big black smoke there is a message in the sky, "Surrender Dorothy"! Oh no! the Wicked Witch of the West is behind this, she is still after you and those ruby slippers!

    Thankfully you know the Wizard of Oz will help you! You are escorted into a grand room! A booming voice is heard all around you, "I am Oz, the great and powerful. Who are you? Who are you?" Large flames shoot from the floor and enormous clouds of orange smoke bellow from the front of the room. He calls each of you to the front of the room and hurls insults at you, speaking in a loud and commanding voice. You all shake with fear, Dorothy is very upset, she did not expect the Wizard to be so mean!
    Just as Dorothy gathers her courage and starts to tell the Wizard that he should be ashamed of himself, he stops her and tells us that he will give each of us what we desire. But FIRST- we must do one task for him. We must bring him the broom stick of the Witch of the West! The Lion runs out of the Emerald City, and you all follow, to find the Wicked Witch and get her broom stick.

    You come to some road signs, they say, "Haunted Forest, Witches Castle 1 mile," and "I'd turn back if I were you!"
    You see little red eyes in the trees, and hear frightful sounds coming from all around! The sky is full of big flying monkeys!! You run as fast as you can, but it is no use, they catch you, and and take you right to the Witch!
    They drop you, Dorothy, and Toto right in front of the Witch. She threatens sweet little Toto, saying she will kill the little dog if we don't give her the ruby slippers! Dorothy would do anything to save her little precious Toto! The Witch tries to grab the slippers, and she screeches, the slippers have shocked her!! The Ruby slippers are protected, and they will stay safely on your (and Dorothy's) feet as long as you are alive! She explains, she will find a way kill you both! As she is distracted trying to frighten Dorothy, you see from the corner of your eye, little Toto pokes his head out of the basket he is hiding in! He looks around and seizes the chance! He jumps from the basket and escapes!! "Run Toto, run!!" Dorothy and you both shout! He runs just as fast as his little legs can carry him!

    You know he has gone to get your friends, the Scarecrow, Tinman, and Lion. Toto will lead them right to you and Dorothy!
    Toto Saves the Day!!

    Week 4 - Toto Saves the Day! *Challenge*

    This weeks challenge is all about your furry, fluffy, or feathered friends. Our pets are members of our family, they only know love, and no matter what is happening in life- our pets can bring us comfort and joy. Maybe you do not have a pet right now, but surely you have had a pet in your lifetime. A childhood pet, a friend or family members pet that always brings a smile to your face. Maybe you go for walks and you walk past a pasture of horses, or you have had a visit from your child's classroom pet. This layout will be dedicated to a special animal in your life- past or present.

    The Layout Rules-

    • The layout must have at least one photo of the animal(s) your LO is about. Try to capture the personality of the animal in your photo.
    • The layout must have journaling explaining who the special animal(s) is/are.
    • In the Tribal Council forum post, type out your journaling, so all players can read your journaling. We think the gallery description area is fixed, please try to include the journaling in both the gallery and forum. Report any gallery issues to me please. I need to know if the issues are still happening.
    • This is the challenge that will get you into the FINALE! Whoot!
    • Templates ARE ALLOWED in this challenge.
    • You must use ALL 100% GingerScraps products when creating your Layout.
    • *Remember* Always credit the products you are using, when posting in the gallery/forum. List the credits. When checking layouts, I need to be sure all products are from GS designers- so credits are crucial!!

    Deadline and Where To Post Your Layout-

    • Deadline for layout to be posted is Sunday, November 11th @ 11:59 PM eastern standard time. NO EXCEPTIONS
    • Late entries will not be excepted! Plan ahead, and give yourself time to upload and post on time!
    • You must post in TWO places (the tribal council thread for the week and the gallery for the weeks challenge).
    • Layout MUST be posted in the Season 4 *Oz* Gallery Challenge Week 4
    • AND
    • Layout MUST be posted in the Season 4 *Oz Week 4 Toto Saves the Day! *Tribal Council*
    • LO must follow guidelines of the Week 4- Toto Saves the Day! Challenge

    Have questions specifically about the Week 4 Challenge?
    Please ask them in the Q&A thread specifically for the Week 4 Challenge
    Here is a link- Week 4- Toto Saves the Day! *Q&A Thread*
    I will keep a running list of questions and answers updated in this top thread.

    Remember if you are no longer part of the competition, you can still play along! Please DO NOT post your LO in the forum or on the Week 4 challenge gallery. You will post your LO in the Voted Off the Island? section. And feel free to continue to enjoy the fun banter, we would love for you to stick around and chit chat with us!

    Leaving love in the gallery is a great way to show support for your fellow competitors please do so in the Scrapping Survivor Season 4 - Oz Gallery

    Chit Chat and trash talk is a fun part of this game.... make alliances, bribe your host ;) have FUN!! The area to do this all is Here- Scrapping Survivor- *Oz*{sign ups and chit chat}! Feel free to start threads, and chat about whatever you would like to chat about.
    One of the great things about this game is the chance to make some lasting friendships!

    Let the fun begin!! I can not wait to see your Layouts!!!
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    Default Re: Week 4 -Toto Saves the Day! *Challenge*

    Oh this is a good one!!

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    Default Re: Week 4 -Toto Saves the Day! *Challenge*

    Oh wow... I love my dogs!! This is awesome!! Great challenge!

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    Default Re: Week 4 -Toto Saves the Day! *Challenge*

    I love this challenge!! TY!

    I just looked through my gallery, and I've done so many pet layouts, I dont know what to do, LOL!
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    Default Re: Week 4 -Toto Saves the Day! *Challenge*

    Ah! I would get kicked out of oz right before this challenge!

    Bummer.... I even bought pet kits at Ginger Scraps for the challenge so I could scrap my Ria and Tizzy.

    If I have time, I might play along anyway outside of oz.

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    Default Re: Week 4 -Toto Saves the Day! *Challenge*

    this is going to be tough!! I can't wait to see all the layouts this time around!

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