Congrats to everyone who made it to round 4!

I just wanted to mention that I get comments about my journaling often, even when we aren't in Oz and lots of people say "I wish I could do that" or "I can't do that." Take a look at the layouts from the last 2 weeks and read the wonderful heartfelt journaling; we ALL have it in us! Just keep typing what your heart says in the good and the bad and you can do awesome journaling like every last person who visited Oz has! Crafty people with big hearts can do ANYTHING!

I'm going to bring my big bottle of computer-safe Windex into the Voted off The Island gallery which hasn't been used since 2011 and keep playing along. Ginger has given us great challenges and I want to bring that Technicolor magic back to Kansas! I hope the rest of you join me now that we've escaped Oz!