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    Default Immunity Challenge {Week Three}

    Are you ready for the week 3 Immunity Challenge?!

    What does Immunity mean?
    If you get Immunity you will be safe from the weekly elimination. You still have to do the weekly challenge LO- but you will be safe from the vote off for the week.

    The week 3 Immunity Challenge is a multiple step challenge.
    PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS (part of the challenge is based on following instructions, if instructions are not followed, you will not win immunity.

    The first 10 people to PM me with the completed and correct immunity challenge, will be awarded immunity!


    • You will get ONE try at this, if you get it wrong, your chance for immunity is finished.
    • Search through the shop, and find 28 Survivor Images.
    • You will find the image in the description area of the product.
    • Once you have all 28 images, decode it to find out what the message says.
    • PM (GingerScraps) the complete list with a list of links, and what you found at each link (see an example post below).
    • TITLE your PM with the solved/decoded message.
    • If you post the answers anywhere- you will no longer be eligible for ANY future Immunity Challenges.
    • Do not "help" an alliance member, this is an individual immunity challenge, this is somewhat on the honor system, as I have no way to know if you cheat and help a friend. I'm asking you to please be a good sport, and do not help others.
    • I will check the lists in order received (based on the time stamp on the PM).
    • The first 10 people with a 100% correct and completed challenge will win.

    I will announce the winners of Immunity AFTER the weekly vote has been closed. When voting you will not know who has immunity. VOTING ENDS- Tuesday (Nov 5th) @ 7:00pm EST.

    *FYI* I will not reply to your PM's instantly, like I did with week 2 immunity. I will be away from the computer for for the rest of the evening, disconnecting from digiland. My family misses me, and I need a little computer break. LOL. Have fun! And any questions you have- re-read the instructions. All answers are provided in the instructions.

    I will begin checking and responding tomorrow.

    Now are you ready?? Remember this is a RACE!!
    Go Go Go!!!!!

    Example of the format your PM to me should be like-
    Title of PM- what is the decoded message? That is what your PM title/subject should be

    Body of PM-
    1- LINK - I found a:
    2- LINK - I found a:
    3- LINK - I found a:
    4- LINK - I found a:
    5- LINK - I found a:
    6- LINK - I found a:
    7- LINK - I found a:
    8- LINK - I found a:
    9- LINK - I found a:
    10- LINK - I found a:
    11- LINK - I found a:
    12- LINK - I found a:
    13- LINK - I found a:
    14- LINK - I found a:
    15- LINK - I found a:
    16- LINK - I found a:
    17- LINK - I found a:
    18- LINK - I found a:
    19- LINK - I found a:
    20- LINK - I found a:
    21- LINK - I found a:
    22- LINK - I found a:
    23- LINK - I found a:
    24- LINK - I found a:
    25- LINK - I found a:
    26- LINK - I found a:
    27- LINK - I found a:
    28- LINK - I found a:
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