Hi all! For the month of November, we're reading the book Finding Emma by Steena Holmes. If you'd like, you can pick up an ebook copy from Amazon or Barnes and Noble - or maybe a few of our lovely readers might have a copy they would be willing to share (I have an epub version available - if you message me, I can email it to you).

Due to the holidays coming up this month and next (and in an attempt to make the GingerScraps Book Club as easy and enjoyable as possible for all), Becky and I are going to be doing a few things different. There will be no chat this month (or next). Instead, I'll post a far more detailed discussion thread on November 10th, and we'll be discussing the book in the forum thread as we finish reading. That should hopefully allow us all to participate without worrying about finding time in our busy schedules to devote solely to a chatroom discussion.

I've already finished the book for this month and loved it! (Must grab the next one VERY soon!) I hope to see several of you reading along and discussing the book with me this month!