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    Default Re: Week 3 - If I only had... *Tribal Council*

    Here is my layout. I used An Elegant Day by Kathy Winter Designs:

    If I only had a Time Machine I would go back in time and visit those I’ve lost, the moments that made my laugh, family vacations and all the moments in between. I’d tell myself to enjoy my childhood, to not worry about growing up to quickly. I’d hug my daddy one last time and remember clearly all the times that have faded from my memory.

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    Default Re: Week 3 - If I only had... *Tribal Council*

    I used Vines & Wines by Keystone Scraps and Blissful Templates by Ponytails Designs. Image is linked to the gallery.

    If only I had never lost a picture..
    I would know that every memory
    Would forever be preserved for the Future
    Generations of mine to be able to see.

    It would be great because
    I would never have to feel bad for the picture
    I took and never took to the store
    to have developed into a picture.

    I would not feel bad
    for when I transitioned
    from the 35-mm to
    digital and got the blue
    screen and the pictures
    will never be seen again.

    I would not have to
    feel bad and have
    cried for hours when
    I overwrote the two
    weeks of NICU
    pictures of my son
    because I clicekd a
    button in a hurry
    and despite the phone
    calls and the
    attempts to get
    the pictures back
    they are gone.

    I learned my lesson
    through the travel of
    hard lessons learned
    through life. It would
    be great to have the
    pictures and not have to
    worry and back-up and save
    for the future but not being
    able to get the ones back

    those are the ones I desire
    because it would be nice to
    have them back with me.
    If only I had Never Lost a Picture.

    Journaling on the side under the key: Always Save Back-ups

    Link to the layout is gallery is

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    Default Re: Week 3 - If I only had... *Tribal Council*

    Made using Owl Be Home by Simple Girl Scraps

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    Default Re: Week 3 - If I only had... *Tribal Council*

    This one was a hard one for sure. I really had to think on this and this is what I came up with. My Mom is now 92 and a widow for over 3 1/2 years. She is beginning to really show her age now and is slowing down more. She has a lot of medical issues having atrial fibrillation and a dissected aortic aneurysm. She has difficulty walking distances now and has become anxious and restless. I would love for her to have tranquility to fully enjoy the rest of her time here on earth. Thus my blended beach picture that symbolizes tranquility to me and a photo of Mom.

    Journaling reads:

    If only I had....
    The power of a magic wand to give you tranquility.

    Tran-quil-i-ty (noun) quality or state of being tranquil; calmness, peacefulness, quiet, serenity.

    You recently have become more unsettled and have more anxiety and restlessness. I suppose
    it comes with the aging process but it's more pronounced now than before. As your physical condition
    has worsened slightly you seem to have more of the "what if" syndrome. You over worry about things, and
    have lost some of the joys of life. You worry about finances even though you have no cause.
    I know it's hard for you being alone without Dad. I wish I had the power to restore your
    tranquil state and give you back the full joy of living.
    I love you Mom.

    I used Tranquility by Wendy Tunison Designs. 100% GS Image is linked.

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    Default Re: Week 3 - If I only had... *Tribal Council*

    Whew! What a challenge! It finally came together and I couldn't be happier with the results! So many beautiful pages this week! Good Luck Everyone!

    Every time I see you cry or see disappointment in your eyes, my heart breaks a little. That phone call that
    says heís not coming, That invitation to the party that doesnít arrive, The activity that you canít go to because she
    wonít drive you, The date that doesnít show up and you really donít know why. That sport that you really want to play but you donít get picked for the team. I know that you will have to experience these things and they will make you into the person who you were meant to be BUT...If I only had a bubble, I could protect you a little while longer.

    Created with Fresh Start by Simple Girl Scraps
    Proudly Creating for: Kathy Winters, CathyK Designs, Simple Girl Scraps, Crescent Moon Designs
    Ladybug Scraps, The Scrappy Kat, Little Rad Trio, and Susan Godfrey Designs

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    Default Re: Week 3 - If I only had... *Tribal Council*

    Here is mine

    image is linked

    Journaling reads...

    No matter how I track it, I always run out of time by the end of the day. My to do list is longer than the day is long. So if I could wish for anything it would be for more TIME!!!

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    Default Re: Week 3 - If I only had... *Tribal Council*

    Journaling Reads:
    The word "no" doesn't usually exist in my world.
    If I should happen to tell someone "no" I'll feel guilty for days.
    I tend to avoid sign-ups.
    I hope that others will volunteer, so that I won't have to say no.
    Sometimes this works well for the kids.
    I am told quite often that I let them walk all over me.
    Maybe when I'm a little old lady, I'll finally grow a backbone.


    A Life That's Good by Trixie Scraps
    Standing Alone Vol. 5 template by Trixie Scraps

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    Default Re: Week 3 - If I only had... *Tribal Council*

    I am so upset at myself. I knocked my computer over as I was putting my last minute polishing to my LO this morning and it corrupted my file!
    Luckily, I had saved a .jpg of my unpolished version, so at least I can post that. I have had to re-create my credits and journaling from memory, so I hope I remembered them all right.

    Templates from M&M Designs - I'll See you in Heaven 3 (on the top), Here's The Party v1 (in the middle), PC1 (bottom right)
    I used Pixelily's Book Worm, Wendy Tunison's Take Note & Grandma's Junk Drawer & Connie Prince's new Kiss the Cook DSD Grab Bag #2
    Journaling reads:
    In May, I was so excited that my mother was giving me her 2 bookcases that matched the 3 that I already had. I thought that surely with 2 whole 6' tall bookcases, I would have enough room for all my books - that none of them would have to be stacked, doubled-up or crowded. I guess that there just isn't enough bookshelf space in the world big enough for my love of reading.

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    Default Re: Week 3 - If I only had... *Tribal Council*

    I'm such an idiot!! I posted this in the WRONG thread! I am so thankful I realized that now instead of tomorrow! :O

    Here is my layout

    Connie Prince P2012 December Templates
    Connie Prince 525600 Minutes Collection

    And here is my journaling:
    Everyone always tells you that life speeds up as you age. You spend your childhood wishing you were an adult and then wham, all of a sudden you are an adult wanting to push on the brakes. It seems just like yesterday that Mama and Daddy were finding out we were expecting you. Fast forward twelve years later, and here you are a beautiful young lady who I look at and wonder, ďWhere did the time go?Ē If only I could press the ďreverseĒ button and relive your childhood, experience it again and add a few things along the way. However, that isnít how God intended for us to live our lives since there are no remotes. Next year, you will be a teenager, wreaking havoc on your parents and one day, you will become an adult who will be spreading your wings and leaving the nest. As bittersweet as it is, how I wish I could keep you small forever, it will be amazing to see you grow into the young woman that God wants you to become. I just canít help, but look back and wish I had more time to spend with you. Little girl, life is too short and I hope you donít spend your childhood wishing you were an adult because trust me, when you are an adult, youíll wish you could stop time and enjoy the many things God has given you that you took for granted wishing you could be older.
    I can't get photobucket to work.
    You know my name
    Neverland Scraps AKA: Wendy

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    Default Re: Week 3 - If I only had... *Tribal Council*

    Okay here is mine finally This week was a tough one!!!!

    All of the pieces that I used were from the November Buffet
    For more detailed credits they are in the description of my layout. But, I love love love the Buffet this month!!!!
    I also added a bit about the day there too that I didn't want to put on the layout.

    The image is linked to my gallery
    Journaling reads:
    If I only had the RIGHT WORDS:
    How do you tell someone thank you for such a gift as the child they are giving you forever. There are no words to describe the connection from one mom to the other. There are no words to comfort one mom or the other. There are only tears and hope that she knows her precious gift is a dream that you have had forever.

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