Hello all ,

M&MDesigns here with this moths first template challange
i made a wonderfull template for you all to use and hope
you will like it !

Have fun with dsd and the challange

You can download it here

Here are to previews made by my awesome ct team members

Made by julie

Made by Conny Samberg

  • This particular challenge runs from December 1st through December 15th. After the 31st, posted layouts don't count towards the rewards (although some people still like to post them to share which is fine, but they won't count for challenge points).
  • Upload your layout to the gallery and come back here to post it
  • All challenges layouts must have at least 50% of GS products - Daily Download and Welcome wagon counts.
  • Speed Scraps and Chats DO NOT count towards your challenge rewards (of course your host will usually provide fun goodies for all attending their SS or Chat)
  • Every challenge must have a unique LO. Meaning, you can not use the same LO for more then 1 challenge.
  • You are responsible for tracking your completed challenges, find the monthly tracking thread in the "Cookie Jar", and follow the guidelines.


  • Completing 1-6 challenges= $2.00 coupon to the GS Buffet (any month/ any buffet)
  • Completing 7-13 challenges= $4.00 coupon to the GS Buffet (any month/ any buffet)
  • Completing 14 or more challenges= $5.00 Gift Certificate (expires 30 days after issues) You can use your Gift Card on ANYTHING you would like in the GS shop