What started out as a couple of gals named Melissa jumping head first into the games has turned into a thriving group of scrappers and designers enjoying their time in Oz. Our Facebook group has grown with women who like to help one another create amazing layouts and provide a support group for all things Survivor.

It is easy to join. Contact either one of the Melissa Admins and we can add you. Simply "friend" one of us and send a message you would like to join the group. Or if you know someone who is already in the group, they can approve you.

During week 1 we found that the FB group was a lifeline. It was used to ask the veterans questions about the contest, brainstorm when a LO just didn't look right, provide links to all the important information needed to play the game, and create amazing friendships.

Please contact one of the following to be added to the group:
Melissa #1
Melissa #2
The hyperlink will take you that particular Melissa's FB page. Add Melissa as a friend, drop a message to join the team, and you will be added!
Or go to this address: www.facebook.com/groups/teammelissaOz