Week 2 - Something Magical *VOTE*

VOTING BEGINS- Monday (Oct 28th) @ 12:30am EST
VOTING ENDS- Tuesday (Oct 29th) @ 7:00pm EST

Any votes cast prior to Monday (Oct 28th) @ 12:30am EST will be throw out.
Any votes cast after Tuesday (Oct 29th) @ 7:00pm EST will be throw out.

Who can vote:

  • Voting ONLY open to ALL Players and Eliminated Players.
  • If you don't have the Survivor Title in your name- next to your avatar- your vote will be thrown out.
  • My private Survivor Jury will break any ties.

How to vote:

  • Please go look through the Week 2 - Something Magical gallery- and/or forum - whichever you prefer.
  • Pick your 5 favorite layouts.
  • Please PM me (GingerScraps) with the usernames and link to their LO.
  • The LO's with the least votes will be sent home.
  • This vote will be kept private.

How to decide which Layout to vote for:
Please consider the following when making your decisions-
• Did the LO follow the Rules of the Week 2 Challenge?
• LO Quality-
• Shadows, scale
• Color, contrast,
• Flow of LO
• Good use of scrapping technique
• Level of difficulty
• Journaling or use of Word Art to tell what the LO is about
• Overall pleasing to the eye

but...... this is SURVIVOR...... so go ahead and consider your alliances, do you have a player you have bonded with?, are there any players you think are STRONG competition and you want to try to get rid of them? This might be your chance.