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    Default Re: Week 2 - Something Magical *Tribal Council*

    Yes, this is the actual clock on the wall at my work and my hand.
    It is also my hand-drawn doodle imaginary clock hands. A hand artist I am not! Ah! I love my adobe!

    (as others have indicated, my journaling got cut off in the gallery, so I'm putting it here)

    Credit: Believe in Your Dreams by North Meets South Studios

    Journaling reads: So I’m in this “Survivor” scrapping
    competition (because I ‘oh’ so love
    Survivor tv!) and the challenge is
    to scrap something precious to me
    (with an optional “magical” theme
    from the Wizard of Oz -- yeah, 20
    years from now I’ll wonder what
    that is!) and I immediately thought
    of Mom’s Tony doll that she gave
    me when I was young, complete
    with all the clothes Grandma made.
    I couldn’t fit in a “magical” to the
    layout so I switched to Grandma’s
    very old books and was going to
    journal about “reading = a magical
    alluring escape.” Of course, I have
    SO much precious to me! First and
    foremost, my faith in Jesus Christ,
    and second my family, and then
    I am blessed with so many photos
    and old things that I treasure. How
    do I choose? However, today I
    walked by someone at work and said
    “It’s almost that magical hour!” and
    it hit me! Ah! I said the word
    “magical” and it is a phrase I’ve said
    throughout my life. How perfect!
    Yes, 5:00 p.m. is time to leave work
    and spend “me” time and doing
    things I want to do. Sometimes
    I wonder why I spend my life
    wishing the hours and days away.
    I should enjoy every moment, no
    matter what I am doing, but alas,
    my natural self still wishes for that
    magical hour five days a week.
    I suppose anything I think about
    five days a week is probably
    something precious to me. I believe
    that the things you think about
    the most are the things in your
    heart. I do not think about my photos
    and possessions daily, but I do think
    about my God and my family daily,
    and 5 p.m. almost daily! Isaiah 43:4 are precious in my eyes...
    and I love you.”

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    Default Re: Week 2 - Something Magical *Tribal Council*

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    Default Re: Week 2 - Something Magical *Tribal Council*

    My 'Magical' item(s) is my wedding rings but not for why you think. 100% Ginger Scraps except font

    My layout reads:

    My wedding rings are so much more than a couple in love and deciding to spend the rest of their lives together. My rings are a reminder to me each and every day that I almost lost the man that I love. We already had a wonderful life in unwedded bliss when my husband didn't feel right and agreed to go to the hospital. While in an examination room he had a massive heart attack that had we been anywhere other than the hospital he would have died. We no longer live by the motto if it isn't broken then don't fix it as we both know how much we almost lost that day four years ago.
    Kim Goodman

    Proudly CTing for Ponytails Designs, Winsor Digi Designs, Queen Bee Scraps, Karen Diamond Designs, Digi Cyber Scraps, Amy's Designs, Leaving A Legacy, Arizona Girl, Double Trouble, Scrappiness Designs and Kapiscrap & Art.

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    Default Re: Week 2 - Something Magical *Tribal Council*

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    Default Re: Week 2 - Something Magical *Tribal Council*

    Thanks for hosting the great challenge. I used Witches Brew and Believe In Your Dreams Collabs by Connie Prince and Trixie Scraps both from the Ginger Scraps Store

    Journaling Reads:
    My most magical possession is my laptop computer. It travels with me wherever I go, and it spends hours on my lap keeping me connected to my family and friends. With the camera, I can see and talk to my family via Skype whether we are at home or travelling.
    I use it to keep in touch with my friends via email, and forums. The GPS in the laptop knows where I am at all times.
    I love using my scrapbooking programs to create pages for the family albums and to preserve our life stories for future generations.
    I can purchase and download my scrapbooking supplies and create my pages without ever leaving my house. I can also create my scrapbooks for printing and have the books printed and shipped to my home...magical indeed.

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    Default Re: Week 2 - Something Magical *Tribal Council*

    My Magical Gardenia

    My mother loved spring flowers and had a gardenia bush after I was born. I too love flowers. My gardenia was given to me by my husband on my first Mother's Day in 1984. It has bloomed every year for that day...and blooms remain only during May, making this plant very special.
    July 20, 2012
    After spending the night in the hospital awaiting the birth of our grandson, we arrived home to find my gardenia had bloomed. I was a Grandmother!
    Truly a magical moment.
    We decided to give Megan a gardenia for her first Mother's Day.
    May the magic continue...

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    Default Re: Week 2 - Something Magical *Tribal Council*

    Journaling reads:

    My Daddy Wore Blue Jeans He was a farmer who believed in hard work, you get what you work for, and God. He taught us honesty, integrity, how to plan ahead, that the glass was ˝ full, how to succeed, and what to do when we fail. (Get up, dust yourself off, figure out what you did wrong, smile, and try again.) He loved his family and I know he loved me. He wore blue jeans. I wore his blue jeans as a teenager on the farm, because at that time girls only wore slacks. His were comfortable, sturdy, gently worn and it was something only I shared with him. He passed away of cancer at age 63. My mom gathered all his jeans together and with love, made the pieces into this jean quilt for me with a red flannel lining. I cried when I received this most precious gift that Christmas. Now whenever I need to feel his love and strength, I wrap myself in Daddy’s Blue Jeans.

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    Default Re: Week 2 - Something Magical *Tribal Council*

    As others have found, I also could not get my journaling to show in the gallery so am putting it here as advised in the Q&A thread! TY!!

    I’m not big on possessions, so was pleased to see something intangible was acceptable for this page!
    The one thing that keeps me going and always makes me feel happy is my creative/artistic ability. So that’s what I went with!
    I created the whole page to support and echo the subject matter, and the picture is one of my recent pieces of digital artwork that I absolutely love and can’t wait to get printed laaaarge for my front room wall!!! That represents my artistic and creative nature and ability. Plus a little photo of me showing where my creative right brain can be located, LOL!
    Bernie x

    My Artistic me!
    I am so thankful for my creative right brain!
    When I am creating artwork, whether it is digital or oil on canvas, I get such a feeling of peace and utter contentment. For me, there is nothing like it, and that is why I treasure it so much. Without it I would not be me! Bernie x

    Credits: All stash except arrow: Pixelily Designs – An Adventurous Mind kit & Painted papers – and
    Pixelily Designs - Fall Festival Elements 1 -
    Arrow: Pretty In Green Spring Fling -
    Fonts: Title: Joy Like Sunshine Through My Windowpane; Journaling: Hyrule

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    Default Re: Week 2 - Something Magical *Tribal Council*

    Credits: Summer cottage by Harmony Star and Mother's Day by Kathy Winters

    My most precious childhood memory is of my dearly departed Grandfather. He was the father figure in my life. Always there working on something. He was really good with his hands and made numerous pieces of furniture for inside and outside of the house. I still remember the little potty chair that he made for me over 40 years ago. At that time there was no fancy baby equipment like we have now, for that matter we didn’t even have a toilet till 10 years later. My grandfather constructed this little chair complete with back and arm rest with a hole in a seat, tall enough to put a potty underneath, he even added a little tray table, just like the ones you can buy now. He made sure I felt secure and comfortable sitting in it. He sang me lullabies while holding me on his lap... He taught me how to ride a bike and how to be a lady while growing up in an all boy family.... He cried when I left the country..... My heart was breaking, but my home was in Canada now, I promised to visit him again soon..... Many years have passed before I could go back, but I did keep my promise. I visited him again in 2008. We knew it was the last time we would see each other and tried to spend as much time together as we could. I visited my childhood friends and places, but every day I would go in and spend few hours talking to Grandpa... When he passed away six months later, I chose not to go to the funeral... in my mind he is still well and working on some project...

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    Default Re: Week 2 - Something Magical *Tribal Council*

    journaling: My oldest daughter Teslie is my sunshine. She is a little firecracker. I love the way she can be friends w. anyone. every time we go to the store she asks some random little girl if she will be her friend. She loves to sing. She never says the prayer she sings it. She will sing to whoever will listen. She is one smart cookie, and loves school. She loves horses and doesn't know how to run, she gallops wherever she goes. She loves to play w. her big brothers, and tries to be the boss of them. Teslie has a love for life and i love to watch her live it. She makes me want to be a more spontaneous person who stops to watch the horses run and sings at the top of my lungs no matter who can hear.

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