Yes, this is the actual clock on the wall at my work and my hand.
It is also my hand-drawn doodle imaginary clock hands. A hand artist I am not! Ah! I love my adobe!

(as others have indicated, my journaling got cut off in the gallery, so I'm putting it here)

Credit: Believe in Your Dreams by North Meets South Studios

Journaling reads: So I’m in this “Survivor” scrapping
competition (because I ‘oh’ so love
Survivor tv!) and the challenge is
to scrap something precious to me
(with an optional “magical” theme
from the Wizard of Oz -- yeah, 20
years from now I’ll wonder what
that is!) and I immediately thought
of Mom’s Tony doll that she gave
me when I was young, complete
with all the clothes Grandma made.
I couldn’t fit in a “magical” to the
layout so I switched to Grandma’s
very old books and was going to
journal about “reading = a magical
alluring escape.” Of course, I have
SO much precious to me! First and
foremost, my faith in Jesus Christ,
and second my family, and then
I am blessed with so many photos
and old things that I treasure. How
do I choose? However, today I
walked by someone at work and said
“It’s almost that magical hour!” and
it hit me! Ah! I said the word
“magical” and it is a phrase I’ve said
throughout my life. How perfect!
Yes, 5:00 p.m. is time to leave work
and spend “me” time and doing
things I want to do. Sometimes
I wonder why I spend my life
wishing the hours and days away.
I should enjoy every moment, no
matter what I am doing, but alas,
my natural self still wishes for that
magical hour five days a week.
I suppose anything I think about
five days a week is probably
something precious to me. I believe
that the things you think about
the most are the things in your
heart. I do not think about my photos
and possessions daily, but I do think
about my God and my family daily,
and 5 p.m. almost daily! Isaiah 43:4 are precious in my eyes...
and I love you.”