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To carry on with my “wedding” themed layout in week 1 I have thought long and hard about what I was going to scrap about in week 2, “Something Magical”. In week 1 I portrayed how my life went from B&W to color when I married my husband, the “love” of my life. This week I would like to portray how our love (the love between my husband and I) is the most magical thing I have. It’s not tangible, you can’t touch it, but you can feel it. It is a power far greater than anything I can think of. I hope you all enjoy my interpretation of this week’s theme. The journaling reads:

On this road we travel, through this journey we call life we will have ups and downs. There will be days where the sun is shining brightly and no clouds can be seen and our travels will be smooth. There will be days where the skies are filled with dark clouds, the rain falls, the wind blows and our travels will be rough. Through the twist and turns of the winding road before us we have one thing that will allow us to keep moving forward together; it’s our unending love. The love we share for each other is something magical. It has the power to grow larger as time goes on, and even the power to grow beyond the two of us; it has the power to create new life. A love like ours is so magical, so very powerful, that it will never grow old. Even though we will grow old, our faces become creased with wrinkles, our hair turn grey with age, and our bodies grow weak, our love will still be youthful and strong. When we pass from this life into the next, and our bodies are buried in the ground, our love willsurvive. Our love will survive in the hearts of our children, and in the heart of our children’s children. Our love will be forever remembered in the memories of all those we leave behind us when we leave this life. The love we share is the most magical, most treasured possession I have. Love may not be a tangible item like money or fancy cars or shining diamonds, but it’s so magical that while you cannot “see” it you can see it and while you cannot “touch” it you can feel it. Our love will stand the test of time.

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