Morning! It's 5.39 here and I've just spotted the Immunity Challenge for week 3 is up - not sure whether there's any point me starting now but will have a go with the time I have and see what i can get done!

I'd commented on all LOs in the gallery up until yesterday morning...came to look for the voting thread as well but couldn't see it!

I did 2 hops on Saturday and bought a couple of $1 kits and used a voucher I had as well from a competition on FB...I haven't bought PU stuff for such a long time now it felt weird, LOL A clean of my EHD s now needed LOL Did get a couple of Christmassy themed items, as I want to keep up with my Christmas Journal this year!!!

OK, off to play for immunity see ya later and have a nice daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! x