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I've been homeschooling my boys (now in 7th & 8th grade) for the past 3 years. We are in CA and the laws are a little stricter. We started off with an online public school program, but made a switch this year. Now they are attending a "para-school" 2 days a week which is great for them because they get to be around kids during that time, and it gives me a bit of a break. We take it a year at a time... I thought I would be sending them to school for high school, but since making this change, I may end up keeping them home the whole time.
I'm glad you are having success. I looked a particular online program but have since seen some bad reviews about them. With my kids, I'm thinking a more traditional home school would work better, I've been researching all the different methods and praying for guidance as well. Thanks so much for taking time to answer

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We have 5 boys that all fall somewhere on the high functioning end of the Autism spectrum (Aspergers, High Functioning, and Not otherwise specified) ranging in age from 16 to 4.
We live in a not very good school district and after spending time in Special Ed. classes myself as a child I knew that would not be a good fit for our oldest son.
I've been through the range of purchasing a box curriculum from a school (all of 1st grade provided including lesson plans and schedule with the school doing the grading), piecing together our own from purchased books and library resources, lap books and using virtual school.
All of the options have their own difficulties and rewards. The one piece of advise I would give anyone who decides to home school is that you need to remember that you know your child best and should pay attention to your gut. Just because something works for a few years doesn't mean it always will. Unlike teachers in a class room you won't get to focus and do one subject or grade, you will be changing what you do each year as your child grows. You also will be changing what works with each child.
I don't know how any teacher can do this with 20+ kids in a classroom and want to give a hat tip to them here. I can only do this because I LOVE my children with all of my heart and so will gladly invest my time and energy into doing what is best for them. Teachers are special people to do this for so many children every day for years on end!
I agree, I could not be a teacher and I applaud them SOOO much. I know that this is out of my LOVE for my kids that I'd be able to teach them at home everyday. THank you for your advice about not being set on routines for each year. I appreciate it. Thanks