So where have I been???

First please let me say Iím not asking for sympathy or even any comments (doesnít mean you canít just its not necessary) just wanted to say a few things.

Most important is thank you to those of you who have asked about how Iím doing and about my sweet baby who is sick. I tried to keep up with all of you but then I got overwhelmed. Also, even though it was a while back (as I think its been at least 2 mos. Since I scrapped) thanks to those who nominated some of my LOís. I have been reading on and off and trying to keep up.

My thyroid started acting up again and spent a lot of time in bed asleep or just not able to function. Have a new specialist and we are trying some new meds and checking some other things. . I know a few of you I was in the middle of conversations and just disappeared but I truly could barely get out of bed and lost 1/3 of my hair in 3 weeks!!

The last couple weeks Iíve been doing better and even was able to drive myself to an appt. this week.
Rebel (my dog with the injured back) is doing pretty well with the meds heís on and the new ramp. That was a mess but got it done and will scrap about it one day. My smallest baby had some issues with his teeth and almost starved to death which nearly broke my heart that we didnít notice. And our only baby girl (dog NOT human) who just turned 7 has glaucoma so we have been in and out of the drís office trying to save her eye site and keep her out of pain. So the dogs alone have been keeping us on our toes.

My dear friend lost her father and I was helping her deal with that as well. So its not that I havenít caredÖjust that I havenít felt up to really playing around lately. Hoping scrappin survivor will help pull me out of that since Iíve been waiting for it forever. Please know however it may have seemedÖI really have cared and appreciated ALL of your support and caring. It really does mean a lot to me.