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    Default Scrapping Survivor *Oz* {Q&A thread}

    This is the official Questions and Answers thread for Survivor *Oz*

    Please post your questions and one of us will reply with an answer.

    A basic outline of the game as well as the SIGN UP's thread is posted here-*-sign-up-HERE

    Here are a few Quick Links:

    Scrapping Survivor *Oz* {sign ups and chit chat}
    Survivor *Oz* {the contestants}
    Scrapping Survivor *Oz* {weekly challenges}
    Scrapping Survivor *Oz*{immunity challenges}
    Scrapping Survivor *Oz* {tribal council}
    Scrapping Survivor *Oz* {tree mail}
    Scrapping Survivor *Oz* {sponsor feature}

    We will try to keep this top post updated with all the questions and answers, so you do not have to go digging to find them-

    Question: When does Survivor start and end?
    Answer: Survivor will begin on Tuesday, October 15th and the winner will be announced on Monday, November 25th.

    Question: What is the prize package?
    Answer: Please read that info HERE at the bottom of the post.

    Question: Do we need to purchase anything to play
    Answer: You'll have to use GingerScraps Designers' Kits, but you wont need to purchase the official oz kit, but it does help out during the challenges and makes it a little easier on you. It's super fun!

    Question: Do we need to make anything or just use designers' kits? And are we allowed to recolor or alter items from the kits?
    Answer: This is a scrapping competition, no designing is needed. There will not be any rule about recoloring elements, your welcome to alter items in your kits as you wish.

    Question: Can we use freebies and welcome wagon treats if we haven't built our stash yet??
    Answer: Yes of course! Remember to always gather the Daily Download for the GS Blog, and check the designers Facebook pages for freebies too!

    Question: Can we use designers who sell here, but perhaps got the kit at another store and it's not in this store??
    Answer: Yes that is perfectly ok!

    Question: If I sign up but then over time I find myself unable to complete the challenge, is there any negative (to others competing)?
    Answer: No, the result will be that you are eliminated from the competition. This is an individual competition, so no one will be impacted (other than you).

    Question: Is there a time limit for the challenges? Do we have the entire week to work on the challenges?
    Answer: There is a time limit, each challenge will have the due dates outlined clearly. Most challenges you will NOT have a whole week, as there needs to be some time for voting. Average- you will have around 5 days for the weekly challenges.

    When can we see what the OZ kit looks like and pricing so I can fit it into my budget if I decide to get it? Thanks.
    Answer: It is on sale now!

    Do you know how long the kit will be on sale for?
    Answer: It will be on sale exclusively at GS during the Survivor competition, and there is no plan to remove it from the shop after the competition. I'm sure it will be on sale for quite a while, but I can not give you a date when it will no longer be sold.

    Question: How do I upload an avatar after I create one?
    Answer: Click the "Settings" button in top top bar, and then click "Edit Avatar" on your left section. From there, either us option 1 & enter the URL code from where it was saved (photoshop, imageshack, tinypic, etc) OR upload directly from your computer by using option 2.
    Note: The maximum size of your custom image is 150 by 150 pixels or 1.91 MB (whichever is smaller).

    Question: I notice a lot of talk about voting. How is that part of the challenges going to work. Does it matter about how many comments or "likes" you get/give?
    Answer: Voting will be explained later. It is not something you have to worry about during week one.
    It is not based on "likes".

    Question: Ginger, can "staff" be aligned with "non-staff players"? Will it make a difference in voting or whatever? I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, I just don't understand the concept.
    Answer: Not a dumb question at all! Yes staff and non-staff an be in an alliance. Just know that the alliance part of Survivor is totally optional! It is just a fun aspect of the game, but it usually has not real bearing on who actually wins Survivor. Then again, it is a game, and every player can choose to play as they wish. When voting starts hopefully your questions will be cleared up. My best advice to you is, FOLLOW THE RULES, make the best Layout you can, and watch for immunity challenges! Comment on your fellow players layouts, and jump in and enjoy the chatter. But most importantly, have fun and enjoy yourself!
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