Away we go!

1. Choose one photo for your page - frame or mat it and place it in the center of the page.
2. Choose two papers for your background. Duplicate one of the papers and arrange them so only a portion of each is showing on two corners of the page.
3. Arrange 9 small patterned paper strips or ribbons under the photo (vary the width and length for visual interest). Add some stitching to a few of these strips.
4. Add a scatter or splatter element to the page
5. Place a tag somewhere on your page and do some journaling on it.
6. Add some element clusters to your page in a "visual triangle" around your photo.
7. Add a title to your page, rock your shadows and upload your layout to the Speed Scrap gallery ( no later than 4pm Monday!

These instructions were inspired by this great layout from my CTM Jan:

************************************************** *********************************

Hi everyone! I hope to see lots of you join me tomorrow (Sunday), September 22, 2013 at 3pm ET in the Ginger Scraps chatroom for chat & a SLOW scrap. I will be posting steps during the hour in the chatroom (and here in this thread, too!) and layouts will be due Monday 9/23 by 4pm ET!

I'll have a little coupon prize for everyone who plays along - can't wait to chat with you!